Perfection By Foundation
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Handbook for Fashionable Dress
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Summer Fashion
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Five Ways To Get Perfect Eyebrows

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magical power of eyesSurely, these are the eyes that give you attraction and make you the lady of the evening in a party. The eyebrows improve the magical power of eyes. Also it has the power for communication. As a result eyebrows should be well balance, making a nice curve with dark tone. They should be trimmed and groomed perfectly. Eyes and eyebrows are the first feature people take notice. Give freshness to them and enchant people around you.

Mostly the women give ignorance of to the eyebrows. They say that if they have not perfect eyebrows, it will not give them any set-back. They assume that if their eyebrows are un-even, looking ugly and clumsy, what could they do? They are wrong; they could do a lot for a perfect look. Actually they have an un-cut diamond which should be groomed and polished.

Some women think that they are no need to give time on beautification of their eyebrows, so they shave themselves. Furthermore they make a fake and thin line as such a brow, which resembles with the olden days actresses.

There three options which could give perfection to your eyebrows, waxing, threading and plucking. Plucking in front of your mirror will save expenditures, but it is a risk and could do harm to your eyebrows, so be careful. It is advice for you to start work from the corner of the eyes and don’t take them far away. Right and left eyebrow should be even, if not, balances them first.

After seeing in the mirror, if you find any gap in the eyebrows, fill it with a brow pencil. Remember the color of pencil should match with the color of your hair. For keeping brows in place, apply a layer of brow gel.

Five ways to perfect eyebrows

Get Perfect EyebrowsWhen people ignore the importance of primary things such as their eyebrows, they make a big mistake. Follow these five ways and you will have a perfect looking face.

1- Before starting your work, make a choice. For inspiration see a beauty magazine or concern to the internet. Download the fairy looking faces and select one for yourself. Remember one thing, it is not necessary that what you like, will suit for your face. Eyebrows are in different shape; make your choice according to feature and structure of the face, like round, curved, thin and flat.

2- Now keep in mind the kinds of eyebrows and their particular effect. You have to take a decision according to your face cut. If the cut of your face is oval, then any shape may be chosen. However for the round faces arched eyebrows are most suitable, because these type of faces need little sharpness and edge. For round eyebrows cut of face should be square or rectangle.

3- When you make an ultimate decision about the shape, you should know about the size of your eyebrows for your face. Take a pencil or rule in your hand and keep it parallel to your nose. See where your eye on that side begins. Here is the point where you have to start work on your eyebrows. Make a marking with a charcoal pencil. Make another dot where your eye ends. Do the same marking on the other side of the nose. Now it is a limitation in which you are bound to work.  Whereas the thickness of the eyebrows is concern, it depends on your own will.

4- Now you have to decide that either you want to sit on any beautician’s chair or you will do it yourself. You have a lot of options, like trimming, tweezing, threading and waxing to groom your eyebrows. But remember one fact that self doing is risky and may produce any harm to your eyebrows, so it will be better to go to any salon. They will give a good performance and satisfy you.

5- After giving a perfect shape to your eyebrows, color them with pencil for adding more beauty.

Ear Piercing Treatment Tips

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Ear Piercing TreatmentIn earlier times people liked ear piercing of their adults or teen-aged children, but now this trend has been developed in even one year babies or even 6 months babies. Adult piercing infection gets less time to wrap up than the small babies. In western culture, people like ear piercing on just ear lobes but in eastern culture or in regional cultures, ladies like to pierce their ears from lobes to the end of soft bone of the ear.

If you want to get your ear pierced, you must know some precaution details before piercing.  So keep in mind some basic treatment point.

  • Normal ear piercing wounds takes 24 to 48 hours to convert in accustomed condition.
  • Make sure that your skin is not allergic to the artificial or gold jewelry.
  • Also be sure about ear-ring that it is guaranteed as non-allergenic. Also follow up their instructions about services.
  • If you got allergy problem and it is not recovering then contact with your piercer or consultant as soon as possible.
  • If you are feeling swelling and redness then swap your earring and try to replace it with some quality jewelry.
  • Some people can not wear artificial jewelry but their skin accepts the gold jewelry. Such people are recommended to use only gold if they want to get rid of piecing infection.
  • There are some signs for checking piercing infection like redness, pain to touch or infection leakage of dark yellow/green pus that can have smell.
  • Rub infection owing to irritation can be source of your infection destructiveness in form of redness, swelling, lymph and more than normal condition.
  • What you use to clean the piercing infection? Do you wash your hands? How many times you clean your infection? All these things are necessary for the improvement of your infection.
  • If you have no jewelry allergy issue, even then avoid wearing surgical steel and low quality material. These all things can origin of nickel allergy.
  • Tenderness and irritation can be reduced with saltwater or condensed water. Take a cup of water, add 1/8 non-iodized salt in it and immerse your piercing part of body in this solution. Clean your ear with a small ball of cotton. Clean it for at least 5-10 minutes twice a day.
  • If your piercing is still red and swallowed then you need treatment immediately.

Facial Treatment Types and Methods

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Our skin pores obtain a lot of germs everyday and we have to sweep them away. People utilize diverse methods to clean their face, hands and feet. Some procedures are simple and natural but some are complicated. Some cosmetics require limited application time and can be harmful in case of overtime. It can infect by its overuse. So use it in proper way in limited time and sufficient quantity to have best result. Some people use mask for skin peeling, some apply facial creams and some use skin polish method. Massage is basic and necessary step in all kind of facial cleaning.  It effects positively if it is done with right techniques.

Types of Facial

  • Simple Facial Treatment
  • Herbal Facial Treatment
  • Whitening Facial Treatment
  • Skin peeling Facial Treatment

Method of Simple Facial Treatment

You need a hair band to keep your hair away from your face. Take a sufficient quantity of scrub and apply it at all over the face and neck. All kind of facial treatment, massage and skin polish start from your jaws. Take water in a small bowl, dip your fingers in water and move your fingers gently in round shape for about one minute. Then with the help of your fingers of both hands, massage at upper lips and chin. Your one finger should be at your upper lips and other four fingers should be on chin and move toward ear lobs. Massage gently for at least one minute. After that, massage forehead with your fingers then massage nose with the help of thumb and fingers. At the end, massage neck with finger downward. Move finger from up to downward gently and speedily on neck. Then clean it with help of wet sponge. At the second step, use skin polish cream of good quality with the same procedure. Massage it till it does not dry. Then apply whiting cream with the same procedure but do not use water with it and at the end, clean it with wet sponge. Then apply lemon mask on face as well as neck for better effect. Leave this for 15 mints then peel off when it gets dried.

Skin Peeling Types

Skin peeling is a chemical procedure that is used for skin cleaning. It peels off the spare damaged cells of your skin layer and replaces it with a new, healthy and fresh layer. A number of different cosmetics are being used for skin polishing and to have a better result.

  • AHA Peels
  • BHA Peels
  • TCA Peels
  • Phenol Peels
  • Oily Peels

Skin Polish

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To have glowing and fresh skin you need its proper treatment on daily and monthly bases. With advance technology, you can get fresh and glowing skin within just few months. Result of these cosmetics remains long lasting. There are so many tricks to keep clean and fresh skin, like bleaching, skin facial, skin cleansing, scrub, skin polish etc. These all methods are safe, although some of them are costly but not too much. They take just few minutes to give effect. Now these treatments have become very popular and common than before just owing to its quick and effective results. In this article, you will know how to polish your skin to keep it clean.

Treatment Steps:

  1. You must have some basic things, like a pumice stone, body scrub, one towel, one pair of gloves and skin polish.
  2. Apply a good quality olive oil on face or body skin.  Let it remain for 20-40 minutes to get warm before further proceeding.
  3. Then take shower with mild soap and clean your skin with some rough towel or cloth.
  4. Use pumice stone (if you are polishing you whole body) only on elbows, keens and heels gently. Don’t use it harshly otherwise it may leave rashes.
  5. Again wash you skin but be careful extra ordinary rubbing can damage you skin cells.
  6. Then wear gloves, these gloves should be of silk instead of cotton. Then apply final polish on the desired area of the body and massage it in circles. Wash it again after 10-20 mints and clean your body with a clean towel.
  7. At the end use some good fragrance moisturizer in small quantity.

Important Tips

  1. Work fast during the skin polish to gain an excellent result.
  2. Do not use these techniques on damaged skin.
  3. Do not use these steps if you are using corticosteroid creams or some steroid drug.
  4. If you have some rashes on your skin, consult with your doctor then use these techniques.

Benefits of Skin Polishing /Micro-Dermabrasion

  1. Basically it is a skin polish method but it can also say mirco-dermabrasion. Purpose of this method is to keep the upper layer of the skin clean. This process cleans new cells and removes the old damaged cells of the face/body.
  2. This process lightens bad marks, dark circles, scars and wrinkles. If your skin tone is dark, it also lightens it. It will not convert your dark skin tone into fair tone but it will just lighten your skin tone after this treatment of skin polish.
  3. Skin polish removes extra nutrition from skin cells without any side-effect, if you have used it in sufficient quantity.