Perfection By Foundation
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Handbook for Fashionable Dress
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Summer Fashion
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Fashion Addict Kids
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Tips for Perfect Hairstyle

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Different ladies have diverse purposes to change their hairstyle. Some ladies like to change their hairstyle just as a fashion, some like to change their hairstyle to have a new look; some adopt it just for the special event or consideration. If you have no idea for the perfect fashion hairstyle that is perfect for you and trendy as well then take guidance from the below mentioned tips.

Casual Hairstyle

If you are professional and want to have simple as well as fresh hairstyle then it is necessary to be confident and sincere about your personality. If you are confused about your features then adopt such a style that hides your features. For instance, if you have a large forehead then make some bangs or a side puff to hide it. But if you have beautiful eyes then there is no need to cover up them with long bangs. In this case, make short bangs/puff. Second thing is your face shape; make your hairstyle according to your face figures and shape.

Occasional hairstyle

If you are preparing for a function and not getting any idea about your hairstyle then take a look of some celebrity’s hairstyle that is according to new trend but do not neglect your face shape. Moreover it should be according to your dressing. If your wear a short skirt or frock style dress with high heel then do not bind your hair. Leave them on the shoulders in layers style, steps style, forward step style etc. But with shoulder less shirt or long meckeci style dress, bind your hair in pretty style with matching hair band or pins, otherwise on shoulder hairs will disgrace your dress style. You can also add some matching dress color beads and flowers in Jurra style. If your hair are not lengthy enough then fix an artificial Jurra.

If you have an ordinary dress for a function, you can look special by making a special kind of fashion hairstyle that attracts people more than your dress.

New Look Hairstyle

Some ladies get fed up with the sameness and they want to do something new and special. They do different things to have a change, like they change their dress style, shoes style, hand bag style, accessories etc. Even sometimes they do experiment with their hair to have a new look.

Ladies can get a new look to change their hair color, like brown to black, black to brown, golden, half tone color etc. Similarly, they can also change hair style to skip their old boring tone. They can cut their long hair in shoulder hairstyle, in bob style, layers style etc. If hairs are curly then make them straight through straightening. You can also give curly touch to the straight hair to have a change.

Hairstyles & Face Shapes

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Why it is so important to make hairstyle according to the face shape? Obviously if the hairstyle is the opposite of your face shape in a function then it will let down your personality. Your all efforts to look graceful and prominent will go waist. In fact if the hairstyle is created opposite to face shape, it would be harming your personality impression. Hairstyle should match with the face shape and geometry. A perfect hairstyle covers your face and its structure from all around. If face is round, it should cover the sides of the face. Similarly, if face is oval shaped and bit lengthy then layers of hair reduce the length of the face shape. Here are some suggestions to make perfect hairstyle according to the different face shapes.

1. Round Shaped Face Hairstyle

If your face is round in shape then your hairstyle should cover up the sides of face to give a smart look. It is also necessary to reduce the appearance of round shape. Try to make a hairstyle in which layers fall below the chin and cover the weight and sides of your face. If you like short haircut, then make them in such a style that they cover wide area of your face. Long hairstyle and layer shapes emphasize your round shape. Avoid curly and short crops. Your most prominent parts of the face are cheeks and ears. It is necessary to cover them with hairstyle.

2. Square Shaped Face Hairstyle

For this shape crown style is better. It increases the length impression of the face. Wispy bangs soften the angular shape. You have to soften the square look with help of layers and cover the sides of face along with ears. Some nice curve and curly look balances your straight features and gives a different look. A straight cut at the balance of jaw line looks bad. However, if you want to have a layered bob, then make it straight till the limit of jaw line or a little below. Make sure that in the styling you achieve some roundness and some height in the crown. Hairstyle like this will surely enhance your personality.

3. Oval Shaped Face Hairstyle

This face shaped ladies are lucky. It is only the shape that suites every hairstyle. You can cut your hair in any size, if you like long hair, it is also suit to your look. The chin and forehead of the face get well balanced in such hairstyle. If you like curly or layers then you can also make that style. Just avoid covering your face with hair. It may hide your face shape and increase you face weight.

4. Rectangular Long Shaped Face Hairstyle

This face shaped females should make a hairstyle about the same width that balances out the length of their face. If your face is long and slender from forehead up to cheeks, cover it with short or normal lengthy hair that fulfill at the sides and soft wispy bangs. This shortens the length and makes your face shape wider. Straitening adds softer look. Avoid too much lengthy hair, it may make your face lengthier in look.

5. Triangle Shaped Face Hairstyle

If your face is triangle shape (wide at the chin and narrow at the forehead), you must make wide crown at the upper side of face and layers should cover the chin. This kind of hairstyle makes your face shape balanced and softens hair look. Some layers help you to cover the mid part of the face. Avoid making styles that are full at the jaw and center part is perfect for your face shape.

6. Heart Shaped Face Hairstyle

In such face shapes, face is wide from upper side and narrow at the chin point. Short hair and chin touching steps are suitable for this shape. Short shags, step forward layers and wispy bangs all look well. Avoid making height at the crown. Never make any extra hairstyle at the upper side of head against the jaw.