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Ear Piercing Treatment Tips

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Ear Piercing TreatmentIn earlier times people liked ear piercing of their adults or teen-aged children, but now this trend has been developed in even one year babies or even 6 months babies. Adult piercing infection gets less time to wrap up than the small babies. In western culture, people like ear piercing on just ear lobes but in eastern culture or in regional cultures, ladies like to pierce their ears from lobes to the end of soft bone of the ear.

If you want to get your ear pierced, you must know some precaution details before piercing.  So keep in mind some basic treatment point.

  • Normal ear piercing wounds takes 24 to 48 hours to convert in accustomed condition.
  • Make sure that your skin is not allergic to the artificial or gold jewelry.
  • Also be sure about ear-ring that it is guaranteed as non-allergenic. Also follow up their instructions about services.
  • If you got allergy problem and it is not recovering then contact with your piercer or consultant as soon as possible.
  • If you are feeling swelling and redness then swap your earring and try to replace it with some quality jewelry.
  • Some people can not wear artificial jewelry but their skin accepts the gold jewelry. Such people are recommended to use only gold if they want to get rid of piecing infection.
  • There are some signs for checking piercing infection like redness, pain to touch or infection leakage of dark yellow/green pus that can have smell.
  • Rub infection owing to irritation can be source of your infection destructiveness in form of redness, swelling, lymph and more than normal condition.
  • What you use to clean the piercing infection? Do you wash your hands? How many times you clean your infection? All these things are necessary for the improvement of your infection.
  • If you have no jewelry allergy issue, even then avoid wearing surgical steel and low quality material. These all things can origin of nickel allergy.
  • Tenderness and irritation can be reduced with saltwater or condensed water. Take a cup of water, add 1/8 non-iodized salt in it and immerse your piercing part of body in this solution. Clean your ear with a small ball of cotton. Clean it for at least 5-10 minutes twice a day.
  • If your piercing is still red and swallowed then you need treatment immediately.

Nose Piercing in Fashion

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There are a lot of fashion accessories to engrace body and look with jewelry. Instead of gold, artificial jewelry is getting more common among people, like metal, stainless steel and silver gold. It is just because artificial jewelry manufacturers are producing more advanced designs in modern look in fashionable ways. One of the earliest but still in fashion term is nose piercings. Women in all over the world like to wear rings and stud. Its variable styles are worn according to the culture and ways of life.

In Asia, brides wear gold nose-ring that is designed according to rest of jewelry. In the amazons, tribes’ women like to wear bird’s feathers and bones as earring and necklace.  Nose pins are used to wear with different styles. It depends on the wearer preference where they like to hang it. Mostly a needle is used to make hole or cork for the nostril. Ladies like to use nose piercing for being a part of style and fashion.

Now-a-day nostril piercing is commonly in fashion in most of western origins. It is also one of the styles of nose pins. It is ring style in jewelry items.  Piercing is holding a ring with it. It can also be adjusted with help of screw stud and it can also be locked. It has become more popular than before because of its style. Especially youngsters take it a part of modernism to hang it in the nose. Some ladies like to hang at the side of the nose but this trend is common. A fashioner always tries to do something different and unique. So the fashioner and stylish girls like to wear nostril at the downside of the nose’s peak and others like to wear on septum.

Always decide piercing nose according to the nose shape. Ring style nose pin is suitable for the sharp nose. For small and blunt nose, pin style is better to adopt.

Different shapes of the nose pins are worn in different styles. Like piercing in the soft tissue, it is better to use light wait nose ring. U shape and pin style nose pin should be hanged at the side of the nose. Mostly the ladies, who tolerate the pain and heal it, should used U shape piercing.

Suggestion for the care: Both nostril and piercing take few weeks to heal them. If you use it at the side or septum, it recovers soon. But if you hanged it in some soft tissues then it may take more time comparatively. Your better health conditions plays role in healing it faster. Use stainless steel for the nose pin and needle should be new. Follow the instructions of the consultant. It is better to avoid sleeping at that side. Wearer is advised to use a soft pillow for comfort as piercing takes time. Nose is a sensitive part of the body. Its bones and tissues are more flexible than the other tissues of the body. So blood flows fluently in this part that’s why its wounds take some time to heal.