Perfection By Foundation
Everybody wants to be perfect and complete in all aspects. Particularly when you are intended to attend a party and time is running short. Naturally you want to have a shinning face and Smokey eyes. I tell you a secret, which is an open secret now. You hear anything about foundation? No. Then I want to disclose that foundation gives you a flawless finish. It improves your complexion and illuminate...
Handbook for Fashionable Dress
Actually when you see a super model it sparkles in your heart and you wish to become as that model. What is her figure, what her diet is, how she dress and what she applied on her face to maintain her soft and supple skin, you know everything by her interviews. We complied here a handbook of fashionable dress by top class dress designers and super models for you. Figure out what is your body ty...
Summer Fashion
Summer is knocking on your door. All the woolen wearing is going in the wardrobe, light and comfortable wearing is coming out. To wear anything, you must consider that the fashion didn't last for ever, it changes rapidly. Whenever a new day begins a new fashion introduced. Everybody wants to keep himself up date and want to run with the stream. You acquire any fashion, but think over it that wh...
Fashion Jeans for Women
Tight jeans have become hot items among young girls and teenagers for the last many years. Especially jeans of low and even no waistband are very popular to wear by modal girls. Fashion of wearing jeans is liked by the young girls across the world and jeans have become best selling apparent product in fashion market. Fashion jeans are available in mostly blue and black color that looks very gorgeo...
Fashion Addict Kids
Like youngsters, fashion addiction is also accrued in kids equally. Grace Fashion accessory is a partnership company that was founded in 1996. The organization has slowly but surely taken strides that have catapulted from modest beginnings to a company with a strong foundation. It caters the specific requirements of international buyers. Its head-office is in New Delhi and factory is in the outski...

Complex Questions About Makeup

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Complex Questions About Makeup

Q-What is a fail-proof way to pick the perfect shade of foundation?

Selecting an exact skin-tone-marching makeup shade can be tricky. Foundation needs to be sampled in natural light, but most stores have fluorescent bulbs, which distort the color of the foundation. The trick is to dab on a touch of what seems to be your makeup match at the cosmetics counter, then head outside to check out your reflection in broad daylight. You can also check out Elizabeth Arden’s Foundation Matchmaker a device that determines which shade of makeup best suits you.
Q-Why do I always get this one zit in the same place?
Your bothersome blemish is a common complexion woe. One reason pimples keep popping up in the same place is that the pore it developed in is damaged usually the result of too much picking. Prodding at a pimple can loosen the cell lining of the pore and cause the clogged oil to slip deeper into the skin, creating an inflammatory reaction. If you get a pimple in the same spot three times within two months, go to your dermatologist for a cortisone injection, the blemish is still swollen, so the exact problem area can be pinpointed. Also ask your dermatologist to prescribe a super strength topical antibiotic like Cleocin T or retinoid like Retin-A Differin, all excellent at clearing up and preventing breakouts. If you can’t get to your dream immediately, resist the temptation to zealously squeeze your zit. Instead, ice it for five minutes two or three times a day to decrease swelling, and apply an over-the counter topical antibiotic containing benzoyle peroxide. At night, apply a drying agent containing salicylic acid, camphor, or sulfur after dabbing on the topical antibiotic.
Q- What is the least amount of time I need to wait for my nails to dry?
Newly painted digits can be dry in five minutes if you follow these professional pointers. First, allow 60 seconds between coats to let the polish evaporate, especially with darker shades. Apply a base coat and two coats of color, put on a quick-dry topcoat to speed up the process. Stick your talons or tootsies under a fan or a dryer for a few minutes. The new UV light nail dryers work well on acrylic or other artificial nails as long as your manicurist slicks on a UV-safe top coat first. But they don’t work on a natural nail because they tend to cause the polish to peel off or crack really quickly.


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SunscreenIt started when tan became a fashion accessory. For years, we all roasted ourselves in the belief that a tan not only made us more desirable, it also ‘healthy’. Now, of course, we know that tans aren’t healthy and that unprotected exposure to the sun has a direct link with spiraling rate of skin cancer. More than 40,000 people all over the world are diagnosed as having skin cancer every year, a tenth of them suffering from the potentially fatal form, malignant melanoma. If we really wanted to be completely safe in the sun, we would keep out of it as much as possible, covering up with hats, long-sleeved T-shirts and sunglasses. Children should always be covered in the sun, as their skin is the most vulnerable.

But it seems we really can’t kick the sunbathing habit. 57 percent of people in Britain admit that the risk of cancer doesn’t stop them sunbathing. Not nearly enough protection for fair skin unused to strong sunlight. And, worst of all, a study that 40 percent of parent admit to having allowed their under-15s to burn at some time.

So is there a way to tan safely? For all but the very fair skinned, you can tan without burning provided that you take it painstakingly slowly, in short, sensible bursts, using the right sunscreen for your skin. But most of us don’t take it slowly or use the right sunscreen. And some experts feel we’ve a lot more to learn about the effects of overexposure to the sun on our bodies and, even with assiduous use of a good sunscreen, we still might be causing sun damage at a deeper level.

However, according to experts once you have a slight tan you do gain a bit of insurance against burning: a tanned person is two to ten times better protected against the sun’s harmful rays than someone with no tan, because UV rays stimulate the production of melanin, which gives skin a protective brown color and thickens it.

What is a sunscreen?

Sunscreen contains chemicals that either reflect the sun’s harmful rays off the skin or absorb them. All protect against UVB, the band of electromagnetic radiation that causes redness, burning and, after pronged exposure, blistering and even second-degree burns. Many products now also screen out UVA. Previously considered harmless, these are the longest rays, which penetrate deep into the skin; they do not burn it but are responsible for reducing its elasticity. Unlike UVB rays, which are at their most intense at midday in the height of summer, UVA rays are constant all year round.

In order to protect your skin the way it has to, all reputable brands are now a complex cocktail of chemicals: standard sunscreen contain UVA/B filters and reflectors, oil, water, emulsifiers to prevent them from separating, emollients to make them feel smooth on the skin, film formers to help them form a protective layer on the skin, stabilizers to stop them deteriorating, preservatives to prevent the growth of bacteria, and fragrance. Whether it’s a lotion, cream, oil or stick, a sunscreen will be a ‘chemical’ or a ‘physical’ formula.

Chemical sunscreens absorb specific bands of UV rays. Most are known as ‘Broad spectrum’ as they contain a blend of chemicals, one to absorb UVB, and the other to reflect UVA rays.

Physical sunscreens merely contain one ingredient that forms a physical barrier on the skin to reflect both UVB and A rays.

Physical sunscreens are more effective than chemical because they literally block out ultraviolet, with the added bonus that they’re unlikely to react with your skin. Chemical formulas have the advantage that they’re absorbed into the skin and so less likely to rub off, but the disadvantage is that they’re more likely to irritate your skin and you may not like the thought of something so chemical being absorbed.

If you can find a suitable sunscreen that contains vitamin E, this vitamin is both an excellent moisturizer and antioxidant. This means it attacks ‘free radicals’, a group of reactive chemical particles that are set in motion by the sun. It rays trigger them into hijacking oxygen molecules from other compound in the skin, which damage the skin’s cellular structure and gradually lead to ageing and, research shows, cancer.

Don’t be fooled by sunscreen that say or imply that they are ‘natural’: all it means is that they’re physical formulas rather than chemical, or they contain plant, fruit or vegetable extracts, individual ingredients have a good track record, however aloe Vera, for example, for soothing and repairing damaged skin, and ginkgo for good anti free radical properties like vitamin E.

There is less evidence to suggest that marine extracts and fruits offer more than a pleasant base for the chemical active ingredients. But at least you know plant or fruit-based products to gain their SPF rating they must have been tested by one of the two official test systems.

If you have delicate skin, you could try a product designed specifically for sensitive skin. These are free of irritants like preservatives emulsifiers and colorants, but they could still contain fragrance and a high level of UVA filter which can trigger allergies, so read labels carefully. Those labeled ‘hypoallergenic’ have been developed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions, and those called ‘dermatologically tested’ have been repeatedly tested to ensure they cause no allergic reaction or skin irritation under normal circumstances.

Perfection By Foundation

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Perfection By FoundationEverybody wants to be perfect and complete in all aspects. Particularly when you are intended to attend a party and time is running short. Naturally you want to have a shinning face and Smokey eyes. I tell you a secret, which is an open secret now. You hear anything about foundation? No. Then I want to disclose that foundation gives you a flawless finish. It improves your complexion and illuminates your face.

Foundation makeup used to make your skin even tone. It covers the irregularities of the skin and gives you perfection. Do it smoothly and evenly. Be careful, don’t try to add shinning or gloss. Foundation is composed of ultra violet protectors and moisturizers.

Be careful in selecting the right color of skin foundations, if you will make any mistake the color base pigments look dirty and clumsy. Many women are against foundation, but it is good for your skin as a face cream. As an anti-aging product foundation gives a charm and attraction to you face.

When you are in a mood to use the foundation add a common moisturizer with it. This practice will give your skin a nice protection from air pollution and harmful sun rays. It is necessary that you know the type of your skin, it should be checked by the foundation that you wear that what level of sunscreen is provided.

Remember that skin foundation should not be used separately; dissolve powder, cream or liquid foundation in it. Keeping in view, the color pigment and the coverage depends upon the nature and type of your skin. Mix all of the liquids with a proper percentage.

With skin foundations you will have to use a cream, powder or liquid foundation. This will depend on your skin type, color pigment, and the how much coverage you need. If your skin seems to absorb skin foundations quickly that might be because it is dry, so a silk cream foundation might be best. Powder foundations are effective in controlling oil build-up on greasier skins. When applying foundation the makeup should be applied and spread on with a sponge for minimal and uniform coverage.

When you decided to wear skin foundations all the daylong, products from a good cosmetic should be better to buy. Think over it for so many times, and then spend money on a best product. Skin foundation gives you a natural and youthful look. You will be fresh and your appearance will make you the most talked about lady in a party.

Foundation applying tips

*For applying foundation, take a sponge and tap with it, your fingers will not give a good effect.  Your skin will become sharp and flowery.

*If you are willing to make your skin little bit dewy, take a wash cloth and wet in astringent and tap it with flowery gesture. The witch hazel astringent is very much suitable, which will remove the extra makeup and make your skin glowing and sparkling.

*Apply foundation not only on your face, but tap it on your neck also, with open mouth. Expose the neck and eliminate an obvious line at the jaw line.

*Matching is very essential for winter and summer season. For the purpose take two shades in you makeup box. If you want a similarity in shade for all seasons, then mix together both of the foundations.

*After applying the foundation, take a tissue paper and pat over your face skin. It will make your look soft and attractive.

Five Ways To Get Perfect Eyebrows

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magical power of eyesSurely, these are the eyes that give you attraction and make you the lady of the evening in a party. The eyebrows improve the magical power of eyes. Also it has the power for communication. As a result eyebrows should be well balance, making a nice curve with dark tone. They should be trimmed and groomed perfectly. Eyes and eyebrows are the first feature people take notice. Give freshness to them and enchant people around you.

Mostly the women give ignorance of to the eyebrows. They say that if they have not perfect eyebrows, it will not give them any set-back. They assume that if their eyebrows are un-even, looking ugly and clumsy, what could they do? They are wrong; they could do a lot for a perfect look. Actually they have an un-cut diamond which should be groomed and polished.

Some women think that they are no need to give time on beautification of their eyebrows, so they shave themselves. Furthermore they make a fake and thin line as such a brow, which resembles with the olden days actresses.

There three options which could give perfection to your eyebrows, waxing, threading and plucking. Plucking in front of your mirror will save expenditures, but it is a risk and could do harm to your eyebrows, so be careful. It is advice for you to start work from the corner of the eyes and don’t take them far away. Right and left eyebrow should be even, if not, balances them first.

After seeing in the mirror, if you find any gap in the eyebrows, fill it with a brow pencil. Remember the color of pencil should match with the color of your hair. For keeping brows in place, apply a layer of brow gel.

Five ways to perfect eyebrows

Get Perfect EyebrowsWhen people ignore the importance of primary things such as their eyebrows, they make a big mistake. Follow these five ways and you will have a perfect looking face.

1- Before starting your work, make a choice. For inspiration see a beauty magazine or concern to the internet. Download the fairy looking faces and select one for yourself. Remember one thing, it is not necessary that what you like, will suit for your face. Eyebrows are in different shape; make your choice according to feature and structure of the face, like round, curved, thin and flat.

2- Now keep in mind the kinds of eyebrows and their particular effect. You have to take a decision according to your face cut. If the cut of your face is oval, then any shape may be chosen. However for the round faces arched eyebrows are most suitable, because these type of faces need little sharpness and edge. For round eyebrows cut of face should be square or rectangle.

3- When you make an ultimate decision about the shape, you should know about the size of your eyebrows for your face. Take a pencil or rule in your hand and keep it parallel to your nose. See where your eye on that side begins. Here is the point where you have to start work on your eyebrows. Make a marking with a charcoal pencil. Make another dot where your eye ends. Do the same marking on the other side of the nose. Now it is a limitation in which you are bound to work.  Whereas the thickness of the eyebrows is concern, it depends on your own will.

4- Now you have to decide that either you want to sit on any beautician’s chair or you will do it yourself. You have a lot of options, like trimming, tweezing, threading and waxing to groom your eyebrows. But remember one fact that self doing is risky and may produce any harm to your eyebrows, so it will be better to go to any salon. They will give a good performance and satisfy you.

5- After giving a perfect shape to your eyebrows, color them with pencil for adding more beauty.

Party Fashion For Summer

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Party Fashion For SummerThe season is hot and humid and water is trickling from your forehead, but you have to attend a number of parties, wear shining and heavy silken clothes, putting greasy make-up. We give you some tips about these seasonal parties which will also protect you from extensive heat.

The trends of make-up in this season are varying from old to new era. Some time we feel that we are in 50’s and on the other occasion we feel every thing has changed entirely. So make-up trend will suit everyone. Although in this season grape color is IN, but you could use also the beige, which make your eyes shine bright and extra attractive. If you don’t know the effect of beige or grape, go for the natural look. It will be better to use light color on your eyes and cheeks.

The favorite make-up trends for eyes, cheeks and lips in this season are as follows:

FACE (blush)

blushFor producing a natural beauty on your face, apply a pinkish blush on the apples of the cheeks. Be careful in selecting the shade of blush, the perfect color should look like natural. Rose is a dynamic attractive color, when you apply it on your dark skin, it gives you beauty, freshness and charm, from morning till evening.  Apricot and grape shades are also very much trendy in this season.


A highlighter glows your skin brightly, so make a dusting with pressed powder. Apply it little on the centre of your nose, shoulders, brow bones and temples. To make the inner corners of your eyes colorful, give a slight touch of iridescent colors.

Golden tips

By applying heavy make-up you can’t hide the dryness of your skin. A moisturizer is necessary for it. It provides you a soft and solid base, without moisturizer the make-up become crack and uneven. For smooth and uniform finish apply moisturizer thoroughly and let it absorbed fully in your skin. Be careful if you have an oily skin you are no need to apply moisturizer. For glow of your mature skin naturally, apply a little coat of mascara on your face wherever required. It will give you a final touch. A brush of lip gloss will add more beauty and charm to your outfit.

As the season changes the color of your skin also changes, so make changes for the shades of your foundation, but avoid heavy foundation, if you want to cover up some particular areas of your face. Your foundation should not match with your hands, but with the jaw line.

Bronzer and Powders

Bronzer and PowdersIf you want to make your skin soft and lovely this season use a bronzer powder. It is in two shades which will be darker than your skin, but will give a nice finishing touch to your eyes and cheeks. If you want a powerful color, then use a cream bronzer, rather than using blush, which gives artificial impression.

EYES (Eye shadows)

Eye shadowsFor making your eyes unique make your look smoky (near to black).Select charcoal shades such as blue, green, or brown in colors. This look will make a combination with shining lips. You may use light shimmers and gloss on the eyes. For holding shimmer use a matte base. Don’t forget to apply eye shadow before applying powder to your eyelids. This practice will make the color blend easy.

Golden tips

Some glittering on the eyelids and brows look them charm, but careful that poorly blended shadow looks unattractive. You have to avoid the over frosted eye shadows. If you use mascara, comb your lashes before it become dry.


EyelinerWinged eyeliner is IN for this season. For giving a dramatic look add bold color such as blue shadow with a crease. If you want to set of your eye color perfect, use a black kohl pencil for line the inside of the eyes. Instead for one, try for two lines, use a fishtail flick.


Key trend of the season running in this way that everybody likes to have ‘no mascara’, but for a natural look if you are in favor of it, then don’t put a heavy layer, simply put on a liner and eye shadow. To the outer corner of the eyes put some individual false lashes for total impact, then bring on the mascara.


LipsIt is no secret that bright red lips are IN for the season. When applying scarlet red lipstick, use liner for shaping your lips. After that, use a lip brush for a final touch. Before applying second coat, powder lips with translucent powder. This will give freshness all the day long.

Golden tips

For giving perfection to the uneven shape, if you are extending beyond your lip’s natural line, it will give unnatural look. When lipstick feathering is giving you trouble, apply lipstick and clean with a tissue, you may also use semi- permanent lip stain. If your lips are slippery, it will be better to switching to matte lipsticks.

Lip liners

Lip linersIf your lips are uneven, lip liner helps to reshape them. Before applying the lip color, If you fill in your lips with a loner, it can also make lipstick last longer.

Fashion And Style Trends Of The Season

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Fashion And Style Trends Of The Season

As we are stepping in year 2011, not only we have clear trends but there are also signs and symptoms that this could prove to be a ground-breaking decade for beauty and fashion. Now for your choice, everything is here, have a look:

Clothes: Worldwide trends of clothing are very much different from the local ones. In the West hemlines are becoming up and the fall-winter trends are mini dresses with thigh-high boots, shoulder pads and leggings are available everywhere.

In India the top dress designer has shorten the length of qameez, so kurtis are IN and lengthy qameez touching to the ground are OUT.

In Pakistan however nightgown style qamees near about to the length of ankle is trendy. Paired with trousers, flowing qumeezes often with 2-4 inch stain bands at sleeves, necklines and hemline, are worn almost like uniforms and  could be seen everywhere. It seems to be that this trend will continue throughout 2011.

Still weather is slightly cool and old ones are using woolen trouser in the beginning of the day, but legging is very much IN all around the world. Youngsters are keen to wear them. It was possibly the biggest fashion of the previous years and the same thing could be predict for the running year.

As trend is concern, tracksuit is IN, but it looks attractive only at that time when it is properly chosen. They should be worn with high heels. If you have tapered legs, then use a trench coat with it or a sleeveless jacket, this combination will give you a nice outfit and will add a lot to your appearance.

Hair: Short haircuts with pony tail are trendy for this season. Pony with a cascade of multi-colored waves are IN. They could be made more charming and attractive by tying a third of the hair in braids or loops; this will give you a charming look.

Make-up: Soft muted make-up in pastels along with shimmer eyes is trendy. To add shining and a youthful glow glosses and cheek stains and bronzers are available. The light reflecting products possibly will be trendy for a long time. Long lashes are also IN with lash extensions.

Shoes: Shoes are more attractive and pretty in this season. Thigh-high and some time skin-tight leather and suede boots commonly with anorexic heels may be seen all around. Whereas suede wedge pumps and lace-up shoes booties are IN. Delicate stilettos with zipper around them or even crusted with gold and chunky ornate jewels are also going in the trend. Most recent collections in varying styles of cut-out shoes in different geometric shapes are also IN. Hiking boots have sky-high platform heels giving a delicate feminine look.

Handbags: Buy a quilted bag for you, because this is trendy. Racy styles boats bold butterfly shape, tattoo plans and funky color mixes.

Jewelry : The prices of diamonds are going very high in this season, no matter those are chunky bold design paired with large faux rubies and emerald. Their shining is lovely and they glitter in make-up, so try for any of them and enjoy the season.

Model Make Up for Photo Shot

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In this article, you will find some secrets and tips about model make up. Models have to struggle a lot with their skin. To be skilled in make up application is their job requirement. We surprise to see models and celebrities how they remain good and maintained all the time. With just simple tricks and tips you can also get star power for yourself and can find special personality for photo shot.

Model Make Up Tips and Tricks

Ladies already know how to apply make up for usual life but there is slight difference between model make up and casual make up items and their applications. It is not hard to learn a model make up to follow the below mentioned tips to have a better result for your model session.

Make Up Base Coat

Always apply heavy coat of make up base on your face. Its thickness can depend on evening or daytime photo shot. Try to create special contrast with special and good quality model coating. If it is essential, use stress powder with it. To have natural look in photo shot, use model make up powder in normal quantity. You may feel, you have applied heavy coating but do not try to faint it because studio light reduces the make up amount.

Use of Concealer and Moisturizer

After base application step, apply a good moisturizer on your face thoroughly. Then use concealer that should be at least 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. Especially use concealer around your eyes and lips to conceal discoloration.

Make up Foundation

In model make up for photo shot, use solid foundation and apply it equally on your face and neck. Apply it in simple make up foundation style. Do not miss any part and step because camera and studio lights will highlight the sudden change of color on neck and down neck. It is better to apply a thin layer of make up on just shoulders and upper part of chest. After apply make up foundation site in relax condition for some time.


After foundation application, apply model face powder. This powder will create difference between model photo shot and ordinary photo shot. Use light shade of powder under your eyes to eliminate the dark circles.

Eye Make Up

Then apply eye make up according to your dress color. If your dress is in dark color then you can also make smoky eyes.


At the end of make up, apply lipstick with brush and lip liner.

Smokey Eye Make Up

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Smokey eye make up has become enough popular owing to its applications. It is very simple to apply on eyes. Women like to make smoke eyes on evening parties because of its special dark look. Their applications are very simple to create. Here are some tips for the guidance of making Smokey eyes. These tricks will lead you make your eyes stylish and provide them an overall sultry. To make them smoldering eyes of your feature, smoky eye makeup is best. It looks nice especially at night time.

Important Functions

For the smoke eyes, select two different colors and a highlighter to make them prominent. To apply a color on the specific area, highlight it with deep contour shade. Use contour shade only on the corner of eyelid.

To understand the method well for making the smoky eye make up, here are some points to keep in mind:

  1. First apply single shade on your full eye as a base color. Brown, grey or some other dark colors can also good choices. Dark plum and navy blue colors are also looked brave. Use matching eye liner with dark shades.
  2. Apply a thin layer of foundation across your lids. Then keep dim the darkness of shades with face powder. You can also use some shiners to have a fancy look.
  3. With an eye pencil draw a line around your eyes. If you want to give your eyes frisky look then draw also a line on inner rims and blend it with cotton or sponge.
  4. Start sweeping with a layer of shad close to the eyelashes. For this purpose use eyeshade brush.
  5. Then apply very thin and light layer of eye shadow and blend it upward. Then apply dark shad upper side of lashes to upward. Then blend it again with cotton swab.
  6. Apply mascara on eyelashes in downward, in first trial and second coat apply on lashes in upward. During application, move your mascara stick in round and upper position. It will give your eyelashes turning and nice shape.

Although these applications will create Smokey eye look, however here are some additional techniques to make them more gorgeous. After basic application, make more additions:

  • To have the solid base use liquid shades at the top lashes.
  • After applying the liquid shade on eyes, use a smudger shade brush to smoke it out.
  • Just once dip brush into the contour shadow and dab over the liquid line.
  • Do not use contour shadow extremely on the eyelids, it will give your eyes more deep look and your eyes will look week.
  • If you don’t want to apply eye liner then draw a dark line of your preferred dark color instead of instant smoky eyes.

Make Up Tips

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For the perfect professional make up, you need to be skilled in it. If you have to prepare a bride or model then prepare her with dressing and all other accessories after that take some photo-shoots to have an idea for the result. For the party make, if you want some fabulous long lasting make up then use such items which will ensure that you have no need to refresh make up during the day. To follow these tips for the makeup, make sure you would not need to re-apply your make up.

  1. Start make up with concealing cosmetics and foundation. Always use foundation according to your skin tone. If your skin tone is pale, don’t use pale color foundation with white/ivory dress. Just use yellow tone foundation to bring warmth touch into your face. Also use bronzing powder with the yellow foundation. Apply this base on neck and down neck area as well as face.
  2. There are a lot of lovely shiner kind products available in market to give a glowing complexion. But be careful while using these shiners because in photographs it will be very easy to point out mistake in glow. It will look sweating instead of nice look. If you want to use highlighter then apply on brow bones, cheekbones and in the middle of your lips. Beware of any glowing things used in make up because it looks strange in photo or movie light. That’s why matte is usually best.
  3. Make up also depend on season in which you are preparing for function. Avoid using matte make up or foundation in winter season as well as avoid glowing make up in summer season. Light formula is better if you don’t want your make up getting melt in the sunlight. Winter make up is best to keep clinging on the skin. If it is winter season then you may use a green concealer. Green will counteract any redness to stop your look like Rudolph.
  4. To make your lipstick last all the day, first apply some foundation or surface on the lips. Always use some foundation on the lips and let it dry for some time. It will provide your lips a good base. Then draw outline of your lip with the matching lip-liner (it should be of same color of the lipstick). Blot the lipstick with a tissue then again apply lipstick. This procedure will provide your lips a solid make up. To give a sharp look to your lips, it is better to use lip pencil underneath to your lips.
  5. To enhance your eye-brows use same color eyebrow pencil. You can highlight them with a little touch of mascara (mascara should be applied with its brush).
  6. To give your look bigger and whiter choose dark navy mascara. If your skin tone is dark and eyes are brown colored then black mascara is best to use. Never use brown mascara, it gives your eyes tired look.
  7. To have a wider eye look use highlighter just below your brow bones. If you have a small eye-lid, apply some highlighter in just center of eyelids. Brown shade lighter are folded the eyelid and give you eyes wider look. Be careful while using contact lenses as your eyes become sensitive with contact lenses.
  8. For natural pink shade, apply light natural pink shade powder on the apple of your cheeks but do not go to harsh or thick. Apply some brown touch at the both side of the nose to give it sharp look and a touch on the cheek sides to have a smart face look.

Tips for Makeup Cleaning

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Everybody likes to be looked prettiest than other people. For this purpose ladies use hundred kinds of cosmetics such as creams, tonics, facial masks and much more applications and treatments. With the help of these things ladies also want to look younger and beautiful. But when you apply these creams whole day, your skin needs to breathe. To have fresh and glowing skin, cleansings or the process of makeup removing is essential.

Clean your oily makeup skin with some oil control cosmetic. But be careful because these oily shiners can be harmful for the dry skin. These clean foundations are made with ultra-light oil-absorbers that control oil on skin. It a gentle conditioners that prevent the dryness but keep the skin in balanced condition. Here are some other instructions to keep clean skin and remove makeup from your face:

  • Eyes

At the end of the day, when you think you have no more need of make up, then hold a tissue to clean your makeup. First take start from your eyes. Dip tissue-edge in cleaner and wash up your eyes smoothly. Move it gently in round shape with pores of your finger. During eye cleaning procedure, keep your eyes closed.

Baby shampoo is the best cleaner for maskara. If by mistake, it touches the eyeball, it does not prove harmful for the eyes. Another option to remove waterproof maskara is the extra-vigan olive oil. Olive oil is very gentle to use and have smooth effects on eyes. Take some drops of baby shampoo, apply it on tissue or sponge and clean your waterproof maskara. After that, wash your face or eyes with soap. Never use ordinary kind of eye cleanser for maskara or eye makeup.

  • Lips

Erase lipstick that has blended outside of your natural lip-line with help of sponge and your best cleaner. Repeat this twice to clean the tiny amount of lipstick-stained area. Then with another tissue, remove lipstick from your on-lips. After removing lipstick, apply some lip glow or shiner to keep them soft.

  • Face

After removing make up, always use moisturizer that suits your skin and keep your skin fresh and smooth but avoid using extra ordinary. It will make your skin greasy. Facial oils are also used as a makeup cleanser. After moisturizer clean your skin slightly with tissue.

  • Neck & Ear

With all other features of the face, neck and ears should also be cleaned. They become more prominent in ponytail or other hairstyles that bind the hair. Both these parts of body are also coated with foundation. While you wash your face, also clean your neck, ear and behind the ears.

Never go on bed with make up. Avoid to be stressed while you apply make up on your face. Never be negligent for removing makeup due to shortage of time or tiredness. Always wash your face before going on bed. It can leave stains on the pillows but can also damage your skin spores. Just because of slight negligence, you may face acne, breakouts, splotchiness and a host of other potential skin problems.

Don’t use particular skin cleaner for whole face. It is really important when you have oily skin because such cosmetics infect very quickly. Always use mild makeup remover for the face skin cleaning.