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Handbook for Fashionable Dress
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Summer Fashion
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Men’s Perfect Casual Dressing for Spring

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Almost all people like change, it may be in anything. This change can be in lifestyle, food, dressing, fashion or even in weather. There are so many reasons to like change in weather. People like to wear light weighted and bright colored dressing instead of heavy jackets and wool sweaters.  Some people like spring season owing to its cool and colorful atmosphere.

People like to express their feeling in form of their style and dressing. Fashioner men like spring and summer season to show off the fashion and latest trendy outfits. They adopt every unique fashion. These both seasons are great opportunities to enhance the personality. To adopt the fashion in casual life, they even make their uniform in stylish forms to express their personality or look. They like to wear bold style topped belts within jeans and cool sunglasses. There are five main things in which a man can show off casual fashion and look in spring/summer.

Polo Shirt in Casual Fashion

There was a French tennis player Rene Lacoste who made this polo shirt most popular in men. Men like to wear polo shirt in its specific style. Till 1950 this shirt was available just in single color. Now it is available in several colors. Designers have made it in different styles and solid style. They have spring and summer look and verity of designs. Men like to wear it on different occasion as well as in casual. Especially the guys, who have strong muscles and want to show off their dashing personality, prefer this shirt style. These shirts are also available in both, costly and cheep variety for all status people to utilize this as a fashion. As it is designed in summer and spring style and its color are light and bright according to summer and spring season. However there is also a great variety in casual dress shirts in market for men.

Casual Fashion Belts

According to the spring/summer season belts should be matching with the shirt and trouser/jeans. With colorful bright shirts, belts are also available in cotton and different other stuffs. But some guys don’t like cotton belts, for them it is also available in different leather stuff. These belts are also decorated with different shape hooks such as animal, starts, wording, etc. It is in huge variety that every man can purchase it according to his casual fashion taste. Casual polo, leather and cotton belts look great when paired with sandals or fun sneakers.

Casual Tandy Jeans

Denim stuff has become more common than before in men. They like to use it as casual pants. Basically it is in the American wardrobe. It looks so stylish with polo shirt. If someone does not like it due to its fitting, for those people it is also available in comfortable size and length.

Casual Foot wear

In spring/summer, it is necessary to wear footwear according to the otheroutfits. With casual fashion shirts and jeans, your footwear must be in casual style. Softies are best for them. It is also available in different casual styles. They look so nice and seasonal, especially in evening time when you go outside.

Stylish and Trendy Sunglass

Whether it is summer or spring, outfit/dressing is incomplete without sunglasses. That’s why purchase a pair of awesome sunglasses for the cool look. That must be enough casual that can be worn with any casual outfit to give you nice look.

Plus Size Outfit Choice

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Decide dressing for plus size figure is bit tricky but not so tough. Always keep in mind the following suggestion while purchasing a classic dress:

  • Avoid wearing thick prints, block designing and off-colors.
  • Look for simple straight lining dress with natural fiber.
  • Black color is perfect for plus size women to wear. They look smart in black color. Black in lining is better for medium-large physique.
  • Purchase natural fiber clothes with simple but dark color prints for your shirts and paints.
  • Always use elastic at the back or side of paints. It gives support and durability to your waist individually.
  • Try to wear long skirts with jacket that hides your extra fated parts of the body.
  • Purchase classic style paints as well as shoes to have appropriate look. Your shoes must be flat. Wear them with the jeans. Also purchase a pair of modern style shoes. It is good to wear with skirts and jackets to have a trendy look.

Here are some further tips to purchase a perfect outfit.


Women’s plus size outfits are designed according to the size. Because some fat ladies feel embarrassment to wear trendy and mode style dressing that does not suit on their body size. They like to wear such kind of dresses that hides their heavy physique. In fact in this size dressing is available in market in less variety. They need relax and reasonable dressing that can be worn at anywhere to go. In plus size, dressing is available in sleek and gorgeous trend that if a woman wears it in some party, it supports them to become prominent and attractive. These kinds of clothing also play supporting role to make them confident. They can express their feelings and attitude through romantic and stunning style outfits.

Body Shape

However, It is tough to suggest a best outfit according to the physique and size. It is best to make sure about size before purchasing your dream outfit. First of all you must know the shape of your body structure whether it is pear shape or apple shape. If you have any idea about shape then there is no difficulty in perfect selection for your outfit accordingly.

Size and measurement

For instance, here are some ladies who have beautiful and normal size shoulder. In the same way, some ladies have smart shaped waist and shapely legs. Keep in mind main points while selecting a best outfit for you, so that you decide a dress in which you can explore your attractiveness and hide your heavy physique features. Another important thing is measurement of the body structure. You must know the perfect size of your body parts, like shoulder, breast, waist, hip etc. in this way you can select a perfect outfit according to the body structure. Moreover, if you want to select an outfit that is according to your physic as well as complexion, then select outfits in best color that suites to your skin color.


In matching center there are available a lot of matching accessories that can be make your dress glamorous, stylish and trendy. However, plus size ladies should wear heavy accessories to their body. Like heavy skirt belts, stone’s necklace, bold size bracelets and in large size ear rings etc.

These tips can help you to get a perfect outfit for you without taking stress. In this way you can become a stylish icon in casual party, function or at work with the collection of trendy accessories, prints and vibrant solid color with women’s plus size clothing.