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Guidelines for Perfect Fashion Eye-glasses

Posted By: admin on March 29, 2010 in Fashion & Style, Fashion Accessosories, Personal care - Comments: 1 Comment »

There are a lot of choices for fashion eye-glasses that it has become tough to choose perfect glasses for us. Lenses of all glasses are almost same but some people like colorful lenses of eye-glass for being a part of fashion. But here we will discuss about just frames of eyeglasses.

1. Material

Material of the frame is main thing that should be very fine and excellent. Titanium and aluminum frames are the best choices than the plastic ones.

2. Color

The second tip is to choose the perfect color of the frame. It should be according to your face complexion. If you have whitish or yellowish complexion then your skin tone is cool, if your skin color is brown or dark then your skin tone is warm. For the cool skin color choose bright silver or golden brown, blue, green or any bright frame. ??

3. Face Shape

Third tip is to determine your face shape.

  • Round: If your face shape is round or square then choose narrow frames as well as avoid round shape frames because it will make your face seem even more round.
  • Oval: For the oval face shaped, choose wider frames.
  • Heart shaped face: If your face is heart-shape, choose a frame that is rimless. It will deform your face shape.
  • Square: For this face shape prefer round shaped frames.

4. Take advice from an honest friend

If you think that you are unable to choose perfect glasses for yourself, grab your honest friend’s advice. Make them sit with you during the whole process of buying fashion eyeglasses. You will definitely get the honest opinion for the best eye-glasses. They will openly and honestly tell you that you are looking a nerd or you are looking handsome with modern and stylish eye-glasses, which kind of style is suitable for you or which one is not. Everyone wants to get something special to have unique and different look. For instance, someone chooses black over golden, someone likes silver on black and some people like flat surface, white, black colored frame. Even some people like to wear crystal frames.

5. Avoid too bold frames

Always avoid using bold frames; they give boring and unhappy person’s look. If you have smart face look then avoid bold frames or eye-glasses. Moreover if you have healthy face then never use bold frame. It will make your face more wide than before. It can be worn on round face.

6. Fashion taste

If you wear casual jeans and a t-shirt, as well as business wear, choose dual-tones frames. You can wear them with causal dress and also with business dress. If you prefer the simple and trendy eye-glasses then try some simple frames in golden, silver or black metal frames that will not overpower your look.

7. Take your full time to select

Never decide eye-glasses in hurry because regardless of price, eyeglasses are a style of investment. For instance, you feel rushed to make decision when you come to buy eye-glasses, after a while you feel that is not suitable choice for your personality or your dressing or it is not according to your taste then you will get loss.

Shopping for eyeglasses should not be a mission. Take it as an excitement and purchase in happy mood to have a fashionable appearance.