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Smokey Eye Make Up

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Smokey eye make up has become enough popular owing to its applications. It is very simple to apply on eyes. Women like to make smoke eyes on evening parties because of its special dark look. Their applications are very simple to create. Here are some tips for the guidance of making Smokey eyes. These tricks will lead you make your eyes stylish and provide them an overall sultry. To make them smoldering eyes of your feature, smoky eye makeup is best. It looks nice especially at night time.

Important Functions

For the smoke eyes, select two different colors and a highlighter to make them prominent. To apply a color on the specific area, highlight it with deep contour shade. Use contour shade only on the corner of eyelid.

To understand the method well for making the smoky eye make up, here are some points to keep in mind:

  1. First apply single shade on your full eye as a base color. Brown, grey or some other dark colors can also good choices. Dark plum and navy blue colors are also looked brave. Use matching eye liner with dark shades.
  2. Apply a thin layer of foundation across your lids. Then keep dim the darkness of shades with face powder. You can also use some shiners to have a fancy look.
  3. With an eye pencil draw a line around your eyes. If you want to give your eyes frisky look then draw also a line on inner rims and blend it with cotton or sponge.
  4. Start sweeping with a layer of shad close to the eyelashes. For this purpose use eyeshade brush.
  5. Then apply very thin and light layer of eye shadow and blend it upward. Then apply dark shad upper side of lashes to upward. Then blend it again with cotton swab.
  6. Apply mascara on eyelashes in downward, in first trial and second coat apply on lashes in upward. During application, move your mascara stick in round and upper position. It will give your eyelashes turning and nice shape.

Although these applications will create Smokey eye look, however here are some additional techniques to make them more gorgeous. After basic application, make more additions:

  • To have the solid base use liquid shades at the top lashes.
  • After applying the liquid shade on eyes, use a smudger shade brush to smoke it out.
  • Just once dip brush into the contour shadow and dab over the liquid line.
  • Do not use contour shadow extremely on the eyelids, it will give your eyes more deep look and your eyes will look week.
  • If you don’t want to apply eye liner then draw a dark line of your preferred dark color instead of instant smoky eyes.

Skin Polish

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To have glowing and fresh skin you need its proper treatment on daily and monthly bases. With advance technology, you can get fresh and glowing skin within just few months. Result of these cosmetics remains long lasting. There are so many tricks to keep clean and fresh skin, like bleaching, skin facial, skin cleansing, scrub, skin polish etc. These all methods are safe, although some of them are costly but not too much. They take just few minutes to give effect. Now these treatments have become very popular and common than before just owing to its quick and effective results. In this article, you will know how to polish your skin to keep it clean.

Treatment Steps:

  1. You must have some basic things, like a pumice stone, body scrub, one towel, one pair of gloves and skin polish.
  2. Apply a good quality olive oil on face or body skin.  Let it remain for 20-40 minutes to get warm before further proceeding.
  3. Then take shower with mild soap and clean your skin with some rough towel or cloth.
  4. Use pumice stone (if you are polishing you whole body) only on elbows, keens and heels gently. Don’t use it harshly otherwise it may leave rashes.
  5. Again wash you skin but be careful extra ordinary rubbing can damage you skin cells.
  6. Then wear gloves, these gloves should be of silk instead of cotton. Then apply final polish on the desired area of the body and massage it in circles. Wash it again after 10-20 mints and clean your body with a clean towel.
  7. At the end use some good fragrance moisturizer in small quantity.

Important Tips

  1. Work fast during the skin polish to gain an excellent result.
  2. Do not use these techniques on damaged skin.
  3. Do not use these steps if you are using corticosteroid creams or some steroid drug.
  4. If you have some rashes on your skin, consult with your doctor then use these techniques.

Benefits of Skin Polishing /Micro-Dermabrasion

  1. Basically it is a skin polish method but it can also say mirco-dermabrasion. Purpose of this method is to keep the upper layer of the skin clean. This process cleans new cells and removes the old damaged cells of the face/body.
  2. This process lightens bad marks, dark circles, scars and wrinkles. If your skin tone is dark, it also lightens it. It will not convert your dark skin tone into fair tone but it will just lighten your skin tone after this treatment of skin polish.
  3. Skin polish removes extra nutrition from skin cells without any side-effect, if you have used it in sufficient quantity.

Tips for Using Contact Lenses

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It has become quite common to use contact lenses instead of contact glasses. Now people have no need to bother for the glasses to put off them and keep them at secure place. It is quite easy to use contact lenses once you have used it. First time may be you feel hesitation with the contact lenses but after some time when you become habitual to wear theme, you will feel it a part of your eyes. Many people know how to use contact lenses, but even then some experienced wearers have practical questions about contacts. The following tips can help you to deal with the contact lenses.

Real Shape of Lenses

  1. There is a slight different between right and wrong shape, but before placing contact lens on your eye, make sure it looks like a ball but not like a soup bowl with rim.
  2. Some contact lenses also have a laser label for the publicity or as a brand name. It is mostly on the edge of the lenses. Avoid using such kind of lenses.
  3. If your lenses are in form”U” with the top edges burnt out, that is not a comfortable shape. If it forms just a “U” shape with smooth edges then it is correct position of the contact lenses to wear.

Apply the contact lenses

  1. Fist of all make sure that your hands are properly washed before applying your contact lenses. Also avoid using oily hands and moisturizer before applying lenses.
  2. Some doctors suggest that always use one contact lens in same eye, so be aware while using contact lens and avoid the possibility of mixing up lenses for the right and left eye.
  3. Apply it gently on your eye, do not pull them strictly.
  4. Place the contact lens on the tip of you middle finger, that should bewashed up and dried.
  5. With the finger and thumb of your other hand, pull up on your upper eyelid and down on your lower eyelid at the same time.
  6. Then place your lens on the eyeball of your eye and gently close your eye and move it in round shape then blink it for checking.
  7. Look closely in the mirror to make sure the lens is on the right place or in centered on your eye. If your lens is comfortable and vision is clear then you have applied lens correctly.

How to remove the lens

Always wash your hand before applying and removing the lens and dry them with clean towel or tissue.

  1. To remove soft contact lenses, always look up side or left or right side while you are going to remove contact lens.
  2. Very gently pinch the lens together with you index finger and thumb.Then remove it gently. (Always keep your nails short to avoid accidentally damage to your eye ball.) Blink your eye once or twice after removing the eye lens.
  3. There is device available for removing eye lenses, called “Plunger”. It is available from your eye doctor. It is used to touch and remove the eye lens. But be aware it does not touch your eye surface.
  4. Then dip them separately in their cover in drops provided with contact lenses.

Hair Loss, Causes & Treatments

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Normally hair grows approximately 1 centimeter per month. It is normal to shed some hair each day.  However some people have to face extra ordinary loss of hair fall. Hairs are the most prominent part of the human personality. It enhances the human grace with its beauty. But now it has become common disorder of hair in tender age. A lot of hairs formed in the skin layers are called follicles.

Causes of hair fall

  1. The most important reason of the hair fall is insufficient nutrition. In fact partial lack of any nutrient may cause hair fall. People declining of vitamin B6108e almost have bad hair nature and those who deficient in folic acid often become completely bald. With the liberal intake of these vitamins, hair grows normally.
  2. Second another important reason of hair fall is stress such as worry, anxiety and sudden shock. Several tensions and stress can lead a scalp in the skin. For this problem a sufficient supply of nutrition is necessary to help out the healthy growth of hair.
  3. Some long time diseases can cause the hair fall, like typhoid, syphilis, chronic cold, influenza and anemia. This kind of disease can also raise this disorder, make the hair roots weak and become the cause of hair fall.
  4. Unclean condition of the scalp can also cause the hair fall. When hair roots are blocked with the collected dirt, they become weakened. Heredity is also an important factor that may cause of hair fall.

Home remedies treatment

Here are three basic methods for the treatment of any kind of disease. Just like homeopathic, allopathic and home remedies. Several home remedies have been found useful in the prevention and treatment of the loss of hair. Some of those are mentioned here:

  1. The most effective remedy is rubbing of the scalp with finger pores after washing your hair with cold water. Rub the scalp till you do not feel heat on the skin of your head. It will activate the Sebaceous glands and energizes the circulation of blood. It is best to do for the healthy hair growth.
  2. Boil some amla pieces in coconut oil. Make it in thick oil form and consider it a valuable tonic for enrich hair growth. Also use amla juice with lemon juice and make it in form of shampoo. Use it as a regular hair-wash.
  3. Lettuce (Salad Leaf) is useful in preventing hair loss. Make a mixture of lettuce and spanich juice, use it as a conditioner for the better growth, it can also be drunk about a half glass a day. A mixture of alfalfa, carrot and lettuce juice is really helpful for discontinuing of hair fall.
  4. For the prevent loss of hair and lengthen them use daily mixture of lime juice and coconut oil. Keep daily massage of coriander leaves on the scalp is also considered beneficial for the hair.
  5. Boil Henna leaves in mustard oil for about one hour then separate these burnt leaves from the oil and use this oil for massage on daily basis.
  6. Another useful remedy for hair fall is the paste of liquorices (mulethi) made by grinding the pieces in milk with pinch of saffron. Apply this paste on hairless portion of the head. It is really very effective remedy for the hair growth.

Make Up Tips

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For the perfect professional make up, you need to be skilled in it. If you have to prepare a bride or model then prepare her with dressing and all other accessories after that take some photo-shoots to have an idea for the result. For the party make, if you want some fabulous long lasting make up then use such items which will ensure that you have no need to refresh make up during the day. To follow these tips for the makeup, make sure you would not need to re-apply your make up.

  1. Start make up with concealing cosmetics and foundation. Always use foundation according to your skin tone. If your skin tone is pale, don’t use pale color foundation with white/ivory dress. Just use yellow tone foundation to bring warmth touch into your face. Also use bronzing powder with the yellow foundation. Apply this base on neck and down neck area as well as face.
  2. There are a lot of lovely shiner kind products available in market to give a glowing complexion. But be careful while using these shiners because in photographs it will be very easy to point out mistake in glow. It will look sweating instead of nice look. If you want to use highlighter then apply on brow bones, cheekbones and in the middle of your lips. Beware of any glowing things used in make up because it looks strange in photo or movie light. That’s why matte is usually best.
  3. Make up also depend on season in which you are preparing for function. Avoid using matte make up or foundation in winter season as well as avoid glowing make up in summer season. Light formula is better if you don’t want your make up getting melt in the sunlight. Winter make up is best to keep clinging on the skin. If it is winter season then you may use a green concealer. Green will counteract any redness to stop your look like Rudolph.
  4. To make your lipstick last all the day, first apply some foundation or surface on the lips. Always use some foundation on the lips and let it dry for some time. It will provide your lips a good base. Then draw outline of your lip with the matching lip-liner (it should be of same color of the lipstick). Blot the lipstick with a tissue then again apply lipstick. This procedure will provide your lips a solid make up. To give a sharp look to your lips, it is better to use lip pencil underneath to your lips.
  5. To enhance your eye-brows use same color eyebrow pencil. You can highlight them with a little touch of mascara (mascara should be applied with its brush).
  6. To give your look bigger and whiter choose dark navy mascara. If your skin tone is dark and eyes are brown colored then black mascara is best to use. Never use brown mascara, it gives your eyes tired look.
  7. To have a wider eye look use highlighter just below your brow bones. If you have a small eye-lid, apply some highlighter in just center of eyelids. Brown shade lighter are folded the eyelid and give you eyes wider look. Be careful while using contact lenses as your eyes become sensitive with contact lenses.
  8. For natural pink shade, apply light natural pink shade powder on the apple of your cheeks but do not go to harsh or thick. Apply some brown touch at the both side of the nose to give it sharp look and a touch on the cheek sides to have a smart face look.

Guidelines for Perfect Fashion Eye-glasses

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There are a lot of choices for fashion eye-glasses that it has become tough to choose perfect glasses for us. Lenses of all glasses are almost same but some people like colorful lenses of eye-glass for being a part of fashion. But here we will discuss about just frames of eyeglasses.

1. Material

Material of the frame is main thing that should be very fine and excellent. Titanium and aluminum frames are the best choices than the plastic ones.

2. Color

The second tip is to choose the perfect color of the frame. It should be according to your face complexion. If you have whitish or yellowish complexion then your skin tone is cool, if your skin color is brown or dark then your skin tone is warm. For the cool skin color choose bright silver or golden brown, blue, green or any bright frame. ??

3. Face Shape

Third tip is to determine your face shape.

  • Round: If your face shape is round or square then choose narrow frames as well as avoid round shape frames because it will make your face seem even more round.
  • Oval: For the oval face shaped, choose wider frames.
  • Heart shaped face: If your face is heart-shape, choose a frame that is rimless. It will deform your face shape.
  • Square: For this face shape prefer round shaped frames.

4. Take advice from an honest friend

If you think that you are unable to choose perfect glasses for yourself, grab your honest friend’s advice. Make them sit with you during the whole process of buying fashion eyeglasses. You will definitely get the honest opinion for the best eye-glasses. They will openly and honestly tell you that you are looking a nerd or you are looking handsome with modern and stylish eye-glasses, which kind of style is suitable for you or which one is not. Everyone wants to get something special to have unique and different look. For instance, someone chooses black over golden, someone likes silver on black and some people like flat surface, white, black colored frame. Even some people like to wear crystal frames.

5. Avoid too bold frames

Always avoid using bold frames; they give boring and unhappy person’s look. If you have smart face look then avoid bold frames or eye-glasses. Moreover if you have healthy face then never use bold frame. It will make your face more wide than before. It can be worn on round face.

6. Fashion taste

If you wear casual jeans and a t-shirt, as well as business wear, choose dual-tones frames. You can wear them with causal dress and also with business dress. If you prefer the simple and trendy eye-glasses then try some simple frames in golden, silver or black metal frames that will not overpower your look.

7. Take your full time to select

Never decide eye-glasses in hurry because regardless of price, eyeglasses are a style of investment. For instance, you feel rushed to make decision when you come to buy eye-glasses, after a while you feel that is not suitable choice for your personality or your dressing or it is not according to your taste then you will get loss.

Shopping for eyeglasses should not be a mission. Take it as an excitement and purchase in happy mood to have a fashionable appearance.

Tips for Perfect Ladies Footwear

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From the last few years, ladies footwear is in revolution. These are not only available in comfortable and trendy as well as in ultimate style. Variety and new designs certainly attract the women. These shoes provide the best option for every woman whether she is working lady or a house wife. If you are mom with babies to take care of at home, then comfortable and flat new trendy shoes are perfect for you. If you are working woman and have to go on meeting to and other activities are the part of your duty, then your preference should be wide and you should choose short heel shoes. But for those who work in customer care or reception, can wear all stylish shoes with high or small heal. There is no limit of choice for her.

Uncomfortable shoes may slow down your daily performance. If your shoes are not fit in your feet, it can hurt and sore your feet and you can not perform your duties and responsibilities during the job timing. Such shoes can cause your tiredness. You should purchase shoes according to the shoes shape and design but also see the shoes style and look. Open and wide shoes are perfect for all uses and avoid wearing narrow shoes. It may crush your feet. Wide and comfortable shoes are perfect for house ladies and working ladies as well.

Types of Footwear:

Here are some categories of ladies foot wear to discuss.

1. Flats

Flats shoes are without heel. They range from canvas skimmers. They are easy to wear and walk but it can usually slip on. There are some styles in flats shoes that provide support like men’s dress shoes.

2. Khussa

This verity of shoes is available in market in a huge style with different style of embroidery and designs. It is also available in almost every color. This style can be worn on every occasion as well as in casual life due to its comfortable style.

3. Pumps

This variety is available in heel but there is a greatchoice and variety of heel length. Pumps are available in every size in heel as well as in color. Chunky heel is more comfortable to wear. It is also available in different shapes.

4. Sandals

Women’s sandal style is common. Ladies prefer this style on function. Mostly in summer season they like to wear sandal. These are available in almost every color to match with dress.

5. Mules

Mules are backless shoes and are usually low-heeled. If you are a working lady and your office policy allows for the open shoes, then you can easily wear these shoes with skirtsand pants. You can easily slip off your shoes in off desk when your feet need to relax. Slides are also a style of mules.

6. Boots

Boots can be worn easily in casual use. Sheepskin boots can be worn in winter to keep you feet warm. Fashion boots are also available in high heels and in variety of different colors. However black leather shoes are perfect for the working women. If you prefer short heel boots with a long skirt, you will feel more comfortable. For the modern look, it is best to wear high heel with short skirt.

Footwear You Should Avoid:

To have relaxed and comfortable shoes for casual use, here are three categories of shoes from which you should stay away while on working.

• High Heel shoes

When too much pressure is placed on the front part of the feet, you may get the common feet problems, like corns, calluses etc. There are more chances to slip out your shoes with high heel and get serious injury.

• Mules

Mules also are not comfortable shoes, though these are available in with and without heel style. Still these are not relax and comfortable because this kind of shoes do not support the feet properly. That’s why try to avoid such style shoes.

Narrow shoes

All kinds of narrow designing shoes are uncomfortable to wear in casual. They may smash your feet muscles getting your feet swelled.

Tips for Makeup Cleaning

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Everybody likes to be looked prettiest than other people. For this purpose ladies use hundred kinds of cosmetics such as creams, tonics, facial masks and much more applications and treatments. With the help of these things ladies also want to look younger and beautiful. But when you apply these creams whole day, your skin needs to breathe. To have fresh and glowing skin, cleansings or the process of makeup removing is essential.

Clean your oily makeup skin with some oil control cosmetic. But be careful because these oily shiners can be harmful for the dry skin. These clean foundations are made with ultra-light oil-absorbers that control oil on skin. It a gentle conditioners that prevent the dryness but keep the skin in balanced condition. Here are some other instructions to keep clean skin and remove makeup from your face:

  • Eyes

At the end of the day, when you think you have no more need of make up, then hold a tissue to clean your makeup. First take start from your eyes. Dip tissue-edge in cleaner and wash up your eyes smoothly. Move it gently in round shape with pores of your finger. During eye cleaning procedure, keep your eyes closed.

Baby shampoo is the best cleaner for maskara. If by mistake, it touches the eyeball, it does not prove harmful for the eyes. Another option to remove waterproof maskara is the extra-vigan olive oil. Olive oil is very gentle to use and have smooth effects on eyes. Take some drops of baby shampoo, apply it on tissue or sponge and clean your waterproof maskara. After that, wash your face or eyes with soap. Never use ordinary kind of eye cleanser for maskara or eye makeup.

  • Lips

Erase lipstick that has blended outside of your natural lip-line with help of sponge and your best cleaner. Repeat this twice to clean the tiny amount of lipstick-stained area. Then with another tissue, remove lipstick from your on-lips. After removing lipstick, apply some lip glow or shiner to keep them soft.

  • Face

After removing make up, always use moisturizer that suits your skin and keep your skin fresh and smooth but avoid using extra ordinary. It will make your skin greasy. Facial oils are also used as a makeup cleanser. After moisturizer clean your skin slightly with tissue.

  • Neck & Ear

With all other features of the face, neck and ears should also be cleaned. They become more prominent in ponytail or other hairstyles that bind the hair. Both these parts of body are also coated with foundation. While you wash your face, also clean your neck, ear and behind the ears.

Never go on bed with make up. Avoid to be stressed while you apply make up on your face. Never be negligent for removing makeup due to shortage of time or tiredness. Always wash your face before going on bed. It can leave stains on the pillows but can also damage your skin spores. Just because of slight negligence, you may face acne, breakouts, splotchiness and a host of other potential skin problems.

Don’t use particular skin cleaner for whole face. It is really important when you have oily skin because such cosmetics infect very quickly. Always use mild makeup remover for the face skin cleaning.

Plus Size Outfit Choice

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Decide dressing for plus size figure is bit tricky but not so tough. Always keep in mind the following suggestion while purchasing a classic dress:

  • Avoid wearing thick prints, block designing and off-colors.
  • Look for simple straight lining dress with natural fiber.
  • Black color is perfect for plus size women to wear. They look smart in black color. Black in lining is better for medium-large physique.
  • Purchase natural fiber clothes with simple but dark color prints for your shirts and paints.
  • Always use elastic at the back or side of paints. It gives support and durability to your waist individually.
  • Try to wear long skirts with jacket that hides your extra fated parts of the body.
  • Purchase classic style paints as well as shoes to have appropriate look. Your shoes must be flat. Wear them with the jeans. Also purchase a pair of modern style shoes. It is good to wear with skirts and jackets to have a trendy look.

Here are some further tips to purchase a perfect outfit.


Women’s plus size outfits are designed according to the size. Because some fat ladies feel embarrassment to wear trendy and mode style dressing that does not suit on their body size. They like to wear such kind of dresses that hides their heavy physique. In fact in this size dressing is available in market in less variety. They need relax and reasonable dressing that can be worn at anywhere to go. In plus size, dressing is available in sleek and gorgeous trend that if a woman wears it in some party, it supports them to become prominent and attractive. These kinds of clothing also play supporting role to make them confident. They can express their feelings and attitude through romantic and stunning style outfits.

Body Shape

However, It is tough to suggest a best outfit according to the physique and size. It is best to make sure about size before purchasing your dream outfit. First of all you must know the shape of your body structure whether it is pear shape or apple shape. If you have any idea about shape then there is no difficulty in perfect selection for your outfit accordingly.

Size and measurement

For instance, here are some ladies who have beautiful and normal size shoulder. In the same way, some ladies have smart shaped waist and shapely legs. Keep in mind main points while selecting a best outfit for you, so that you decide a dress in which you can explore your attractiveness and hide your heavy physique features. Another important thing is measurement of the body structure. You must know the perfect size of your body parts, like shoulder, breast, waist, hip etc. in this way you can select a perfect outfit according to the body structure. Moreover, if you want to select an outfit that is according to your physic as well as complexion, then select outfits in best color that suites to your skin color.


In matching center there are available a lot of matching accessories that can be make your dress glamorous, stylish and trendy. However, plus size ladies should wear heavy accessories to their body. Like heavy skirt belts, stone’s necklace, bold size bracelets and in large size ear rings etc.

These tips can help you to get a perfect outfit for you without taking stress. In this way you can become a stylish icon in casual party, function or at work with the collection of trendy accessories, prints and vibrant solid color with women’s plus size clothing.

Skin Care With Natural Things

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Skin is an important organ in the human body. The skin of an average woman weights 3kg while that of a man weights around 5kg. Smooth and glowing skin can be a source of happiness for someone. People with skin disorders and abnormalities can become a laughing stock. Human is not born perfect but with the power to put right, he is capable to tackle with many problems. Most of us have no idea about our skin tone. We don’t know what is best to gain skin shine, glow and fresh complexion. A great variety of skin care lotions and creams is available in the market. We may get glow and freshness to use them but that is temporary and very costly that everyone cannot afford them. Before you find the way to learn more about your skin care, here are some easy and natural tips for your convenience. By applying these tips, you can get desired results with less expenses and zero harms.

1. Carrot Mask

Take a carrot, blend it or mix it in one spoon of honey. Make it in form of paste, apply it on your face. Leave it for 12 to 15 minutes, and then wash it. You will feel a great difference after daily use of few days.

2. Punch of Pineapple

Take a slice of pineapple and mix it in one table spoon of lemon juice. Make it in form of paste with the help of wheat flour. Apply this paste on your face and neck for 15 minutes at least. Use of this mask is best to gain fresh and smooth skin.

3. Lemon Egg Paste

Beat an egg-white till it gets peak up and store it in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Now add lemon juice and a fresh tomato with this. Now apply on the skin. Practice it for minimum one month to get the soft skin.

4. Guava Mask

Mash guava, mix it well in the mixture of lemon juice and oatmeal. Then apply this paste on your face and neck. This paste can also be used arms, hands and feet. Wash it after 20 minutes and you will feel a better look.

5. Spinach Protector

Take one cup fresh spinach pureed and one table spoon of fresh cream. Mix these both things and apply this mixture on your skin. Leave it for about half an hour then wash it. It is a great protector for the charming skin.

6. Radish Supporter

Take about half fresh radish. Blend it in the mixture of one spoon vinegar, one spoon lemon juice and one spoon of honey. Add this mixture in one glass of water and save this paste to use daily. It is a great protector for germs and reduces the greasiness after shrinking the pores.

7. Honey Treatment

Take one spoon of honey and add it in one egg-white. Make it in form of paste mask. Apply it on the face and wash when it gets dry. It is a perfect treatment for skin freshness without leaving any side-effect.

8. Strawberry Silky Softening

Take five strawberries, add them in one spoon of china clay and juice of one small size orange. Apply this scrub on your face and neck. Clean it after 20 minutes with towel and cold water.