Perfection By Foundation
Everybody wants to be perfect and complete in all aspects. Particularly when you are intended to attend a party and time is running short. Naturally you want to have a shinning face and Smokey eyes. I tell you a secret, which is an open secret now. You hear anything about foundation? No. Then I want to disclose that foundation gives you a flawless finish. It improves your complexion and illuminate...
Handbook for Fashionable Dress
Actually when you see a super model it sparkles in your heart and you wish to become as that model. What is her figure, what her diet is, how she dress and what she applied on her face to maintain her soft and supple skin, you know everything by her interviews. We complied here a handbook of fashionable dress by top class dress designers and super models for you. Figure out what is your body ty...
Summer Fashion
Summer is knocking on your door. All the woolen wearing is going in the wardrobe, light and comfortable wearing is coming out. To wear anything, you must consider that the fashion didn't last for ever, it changes rapidly. Whenever a new day begins a new fashion introduced. Everybody wants to keep himself up date and want to run with the stream. You acquire any fashion, but think over it that wh...
Fashion Jeans for Women
Tight jeans have become hot items among young girls and teenagers for the last many years. Especially jeans of low and even no waistband are very popular to wear by modal girls. Fashion of wearing jeans is liked by the young girls across the world and jeans have become best selling apparent product in fashion market. Fashion jeans are available in mostly blue and black color that looks very gorgeo...
Fashion Addict Kids
Like youngsters, fashion addiction is also accrued in kids equally. Grace Fashion accessory is a partnership company that was founded in 1996. The organization has slowly but surely taken strides that have catapulted from modest beginnings to a company with a strong foundation. It caters the specific requirements of international buyers. Its head-office is in New Delhi and factory is in the outski...

Remove Dandruff

Posted By: admin on May 4, 2010 in Hair Problems - Comments: Comments Off on Remove Dandruff

Hair falling is a common problem and there are several causes hairs fall. The most common problem is dandruff. Use followings remedies for the removal of the dandruff.

  • Use carrot juice to the roots of the hairs, at least once in a week to remove dandruff.
  • We have really easy and helpful therapy, sour curds (yoghurt). Message sour curds on the roots of your hairs and wait for 30 minutes. Then use a normal shampoo. After drying you will feel the affect.
  • One of the easiest tips would be to oil your hair regularly and wait for two hour then wash your hair with normal shampoo.
  • Take sour curd and blend with an egg and apply. Shampoo after 30minutes. Do this once in a week for the clean and clear hairs.
  • Drink at least 12 – 16 glass of water daily to control your internal dryness.
  • Make paste of Aero Vera with mustard oil and a pinch of turmeric and mix it well. Apply it on the roots of your hairs, wait for 30 minutes and then wash your hairs with normal shampoo.