Perfection By Foundation
Everybody wants to be perfect and complete in all aspects. Particularly when you are intended to attend a party and time is running short. Naturally you want to have a shinning face and Smokey eyes. I tell you a secret, which is an open secret now. You hear anything about foundation? No. Then I want to disclose that foundation gives you a flawless finish. It improves your complexion and illuminate...
Handbook for Fashionable Dress
Actually when you see a super model it sparkles in your heart and you wish to become as that model. What is her figure, what her diet is, how she dress and what she applied on her face to maintain her soft and supple skin, you know everything by her interviews. We complied here a handbook of fashionable dress by top class dress designers and super models for you. Figure out what is your body ty...
Summer Fashion
Summer is knocking on your door. All the woolen wearing is going in the wardrobe, light and comfortable wearing is coming out. To wear anything, you must consider that the fashion didn't last for ever, it changes rapidly. Whenever a new day begins a new fashion introduced. Everybody wants to keep himself up date and want to run with the stream. You acquire any fashion, but think over it that wh...
Fashion Jeans for Women
Tight jeans have become hot items among young girls and teenagers for the last many years. Especially jeans of low and even no waistband are very popular to wear by modal girls. Fashion of wearing jeans is liked by the young girls across the world and jeans have become best selling apparent product in fashion market. Fashion jeans are available in mostly blue and black color that looks very gorgeo...
Fashion Addict Kids
Like youngsters, fashion addiction is also accrued in kids equally. Grace Fashion accessory is a partnership company that was founded in 1996. The organization has slowly but surely taken strides that have catapulted from modest beginnings to a company with a strong foundation. It caters the specific requirements of international buyers. Its head-office is in New Delhi and factory is in the outski...

Fashion Trends In A Mixture

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Fashion Trends In A Mixture

Gone are the days of simple embroidery, simple cuts and retro tie-and-dyes. We’re passing now through a phase of flowing fabrics and an insatiable appetite for flared cuts. First up is a traditional red lehnga with gold polka-dots. A large pyramid of embroidery at the hem tricks the eye into believing it a different cut and layer.

Second up is the lighter salmon. The work around the neck forms a deep, elegant and deceiving V. Delicate embroidery all over the shirt and a traditional border complete the ensemble. The blue dress has four shades. The contrasting red gives it a modern edge. The body is in diaphanous indigo woven with gold and silver. The broad hem is composed of large motifs. The silver embroidery and the ruffled blue add a dreamy-little-girl quality to the attire. Very different from the rest is the pale lime green. Flowing in folds, it has slit short sleeves and only two strips of embroidery at the neckline and bodice to give it an elusive, minimalist glamour.

True and delicate style

It’s a time to discover your true style and grace the soul of womanhood in this exquisite evening wear collection. Welcome the guests of a formal dinner party in elegant drape; the atypical contrast of grey and red looks elusive while the sliver embellishment on the neckline and sleeves retain an elegant feel. For a wedding function of a relative, the sea green highly embellished outfit must be your choice. The ornate zari work on high bodice and hemline adds a glam and give a stylish feel. The multiple pleats separated by a striking gold ribbon give a flared look to amber shirt.

The delicate embellishment on hemline of each pleat defines the cut. For vivid hues lovers there is poppy red and sapphire. The mango-shaped embroidery in vertical lines makes the sapphire open shirt alluring for many. Make a real style statement in the crimson red attire with grey embellishment on high bodice and ribbon on hemline.

Look elegant in Sari

Look elegant in SariEverybody wants to look elegant, because we like festivity and standard. That’s just the way it is. There’s no easier way to assume all three of these than by putting on a sari. It’s so loveable that it simply conforms to each occasion. Saris are simply lengths of fabric shown off to the best advantage, are perfect for making an expression. Saris will never let you down if you want to look elegant and regal, as from the courts of the olden Nawabs, or deeply continental. An instance of the first being the glittering white with the gold-sequined skirt and the second is portrayed by the maroon worked in temple jewel colors.

The black, white and maroon sari is a least creation purely for the modern and casual. But if you want modern with a heavy dose of tradition, the olive-bordered purple will suit you. For weddings and such occasion’ red, green and gold borders look charming. Featured here in dull orchid and bright red, these saris will just keep you the main figure of the party. To bedazzle, try plain bright pastels, like deep salmon and turquoise with a combination of glittering silver. The blouses are where your imagination can run wild. A golden collar with border-straps, halter top, or even regal Chinese collars and full-sleeved 70s style-blouses make a perfection. All shapes and sizes, styles and fabrics, are acceptable and always IN because sari-zone is surely in fashion-zone.

Shining People With Bright Shoes

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Bright Shoes

You hear the story of Cinderella, the poor graceful girl who lost her shoe in a royal party and a prince found it and after searching the owner (Cinderella), marry her?

A shoe leads to a marriage, astonishing!

Surely you came to know the importance of shoes. The shoes are just like presentation card that speaks loud (but without words) to your beloved friends, close relatives, nice colleagues and kind neighbors. It is not necessary to purchase costly and unique design shoes like hush puppy or Dan Carlos every time. The ordinary shoes could attract a lot of eyes towards your shoes, if they are shinning, glittering and are well managed. So far, when you are planning to buy footwear, give special attention.

Your choice should be like simple mathematics, if you are a lady and use to stand in a shop performing the duty of a salesgirl, then the high heels will not suitable for you, because it gives a tremendous back pain and stress to your legs, as a result make problems for your health. Try for comfortable and flat footwear. Don’t take a heavy shoe if you are in a habit of walking and jogging. Light footwear will be a good choice, like tennis or rubber sole shoes, for jogging there are running shoes. In all respect your shoes should be according to your demand and working conditions. Remember the environment also counts, if you have to walk on uneven and hilly areas, then your boots should be heavy and thick sole type. The soft and light shoes will give sharp stones to bruise your heels in this condition.

Here some tips that will tell you how to select a suitable pair of footwear.

* There are lot of companies which are making shoes of various designs, like hush puppy, Don Carlos and Bata. Choose one and enter in the boot house. Surely the women’s feet are different as of men’s. When women like to take a footwear, they try for a tight fitting and thigh-high variety. Remember that these are hazardous for health and the user feel uncomfortable all the day long.

* If tight fitting is not proper then what you have to select? Take inch loose footwear from your heel, you will feel comfort and will be healthy. The loose fitting will provide a room for your toes. Keep in mind your heel should not slid up and down inside the boot, when you walk. The proper way for checking the length of feet is to put your feet in the boot and slid it all the way forward, then think what are you feeling, If discomfort then it is improper. Select another one. See for many times the material, shape and design.

A selection for dancing shoes

If you like attend the ballroom frequently, and then the first thing which should be very fit should be your footwear. Loose or tight footwear can produce a lot of problems in dancing; you can’t perform well and will unable to show your art. For the occasion, put on professional dancing footwear.  You will feel on the floor absolutely other confident person. If you have decided to purchase dancing footwear, go to the shop for it, you will be surprise to see the impressive variety of models there and a choice will be difficult for you. The things you purchase depends upon your necessity and purpose, so if you are going to take a dancing shoe, thing over it for which dance you are asking it. We guide you here:

*For European program ball dance, Standard are suitable.

*For Latin American program of ball dances Latina will be better.

Remember, don’t stick to the prescription, you may use Standard for Latin American program also. The characteristics of footwear should be as follows, which you are going to purchase:

*It shouldn’t have a rubber sole.

* Should be comfortable for you.

* Should have a proper combination with your dress.

*Sole should be soft.

*Slippery, but not so much.

Literacy has increase the wisdom of mankind, so we have full awareness of good or bad. In this regard, now we are not chasing behind the latest fashions and spoiling our health. When doctors mentioned that high-heels give harm to your legs and back, ladies are asking for absorbent sole and padding at the ball of the foot, which is made of latex. Lower heels with a combination of broader base put off the pressure of ball of foot, so select one which compulsory fits to your feet. Remember the fact that wrong selection will cause discomfort and misery to you.

The proper combination shoes and dress makes you perfect. Following guideline will help you:

*The material of the sole and heel should be shock absorbing, feel soft and give comfort.

*For purchasing go to the store, which have a vast verity of footwear. Whatever is your demand, he should fulfill it.

*Be careful about the heel, take broad base along with 10 to 8 inch heel.

*The heel counter should be durable.

*Take a deeper toe shape.

*Choice for a higher instep design.

*If your feet become tired after a short time, you are in need of dressy sandals.

*After buying new footwear, it is necessary to maintain them. Keep them clean, polish them and make them weather proof. This practice will last them longer.

Foot massage techniques

After long walks you become tired and dizzy. A little massage to foot give you relaxation and relief, it also evaporates the tension. Learn how to massage yourself and perform it on your spouse. Feel better and release tension. For a massage which give you a nice and wonderful relaxation a body lotion is necessary, which you can get from a health food shop. Baby lotion can be useful in this purpose. The popular oils to use for messaging are prepared with geranium, chamomile, Melissa, lavender and bergamot oils. For relieve of stressed muscles a mixture of thyme, rosemary, chamomile, birch and juniper is used commonly.

If you are massaging to your spouse rather than yourself, then advice him to sit on an easy chair and put his foot in a tub. Fill the tub with warm water and mix some salt. After some time advice him to put them out from tub and dry them with a soft towel. Now, Massage completely the entire foot, the top and bottom, toes to ankle with the oil. The   strokes should be from the ankles to toe. Keep your hands around the feet and thumbs on the upper portion. Rub specially the tendons politely and softly, not too hard to give a pain. Your massage will not finish up till the rubbing of sole. Start it from the thumb base and take your hands up to the heels. The massaging should not be straight, but it should be in circular motions. Make sure that you are covering the complete bottom area of the foot, but the circles should be even, applying more pressure on the heels.

After a little bit time, do the same practice again applying more pressure on the spots which are in pain. Ask your spouse and do it accordingly. The massaging should be with softness, politeness and delicacy. Hold both the toes with one hand, place the thumbs under the toes and all of your fingers on the top, rotate them for three times in one direction and in the other for the same times. It will make the joints open and give them ease. Do the same practice separately with both toes. Now it is time for twisting the foot gently, use much of the lotion so as not to give any harm to the foot. At the end dry the soles with a towel and let them place them in warm slippers.

Now do the same practice with your foot. Massage them and get relaxation. If you are still feeling pain and tension, go to your doctor and advice.

Fashion Trends – Past And Present

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Present fashion has always taken inspiration from the past. All the stylish looks and trends of the 50s, 70s and 80s still have their place in today’s fashion scenario, whether it is kohl eyes, the big framed sunglasses, bell-bottom jeans or jackets.

Now- a- days once again the combination of past and present is in fashion. Top notch designers are introducing their modern styles with an olden flavor in it. The advice has also been given to the intricacies of cuts, volume and beauty with the diffusion of western cuts. The polka dot fabric with Chinese patterns gives the confident woman of today’s world her desired look. The designing with the ruffles in the floor-length peach colored gown proves that ruffles are back in fashion and have made their place in present-day styling. Chinese motifs have inspired the red and black long gown, teamed with a white net shirt. It’s a time to feel modern with ensembles that hold on to the present yet do not let go of the past.

Experiment for Flares

Experiment for FlaresNow a days all the top notch designers are busy in experimenting with A-lines and are giving their best in flared. They are designing with beautiful hand embroidery, prettification of apparel with wide ribbons, laces and paisley patterns again. The chiffon, silk and georgette are not only preference for flared shirts, designers are also using silhouette in lawn and cotton fabrics. The blue-black chiffon shirt in floral print is an ideal choice for a casual get together of friends. The designing with wide lace having embossed gold dots on fawn patch stitched on upper bodice look stylish whereas the delicate gold embroidery makes a magical outfit. The voluminous gown in scarlet and black contrast looks ravishing. The tie dyed impact and designing with broad black and white lace on hemline make the drape heart catching. The glamorous flared shirt in rosy color reflects the cheerful mood. If you want something graceful and elegant then the chocolate brown dress with magnificent embroidery should be your choice.

To red, with love

Red dressingFor expressing the feelings of love and intimacy, red has always been the perfect color. That may be the reason for girls, going for red on every occasion; here are some of the modern cuts in red to help you throughout the year.

For creating an outstanding collection ranging from eastern to western themed dresses keeping in mind, the designers are using different shades of red. For an eastern choice, the red sari fits well enough. If you are a new bride, then the choice should be suitable enough according to your status. The next dress is for your balanced figure, with the combination of orange, red and magenta is styled differently to meet the demands of today’s fashion. If you are an eastern style lover, go for it and pair it with a trouser, Capri, or churidar, and make a mark. The red gown embroidered with silver mukesh is creating a magnificent charm in parties. Perfect for an evening out with the man of your dreams, the dress is bound to present you as a princess in red. The red kaftan cut dress is IN, something that you would love to run for. This cut should be your priority whenever you are taking part in any celebration. So, with the help of this collection, the right choice of accessories and the perfect make-up you will be the woman of the evening.

Party Fashion For Summer

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Party Fashion For SummerThe season is hot and humid and water is trickling from your forehead, but you have to attend a number of parties, wear shining and heavy silken clothes, putting greasy make-up. We give you some tips about these seasonal parties which will also protect you from extensive heat.

The trends of make-up in this season are varying from old to new era. Some time we feel that we are in 50’s and on the other occasion we feel every thing has changed entirely. So make-up trend will suit everyone. Although in this season grape color is IN, but you could use also the beige, which make your eyes shine bright and extra attractive. If you don’t know the effect of beige or grape, go for the natural look. It will be better to use light color on your eyes and cheeks.

The favorite make-up trends for eyes, cheeks and lips in this season are as follows:

FACE (blush)

blushFor producing a natural beauty on your face, apply a pinkish blush on the apples of the cheeks. Be careful in selecting the shade of blush, the perfect color should look like natural. Rose is a dynamic attractive color, when you apply it on your dark skin, it gives you beauty, freshness and charm, from morning till evening.  Apricot and grape shades are also very much trendy in this season.


A highlighter glows your skin brightly, so make a dusting with pressed powder. Apply it little on the centre of your nose, shoulders, brow bones and temples. To make the inner corners of your eyes colorful, give a slight touch of iridescent colors.

Golden tips

By applying heavy make-up you can’t hide the dryness of your skin. A moisturizer is necessary for it. It provides you a soft and solid base, without moisturizer the make-up become crack and uneven. For smooth and uniform finish apply moisturizer thoroughly and let it absorbed fully in your skin. Be careful if you have an oily skin you are no need to apply moisturizer. For glow of your mature skin naturally, apply a little coat of mascara on your face wherever required. It will give you a final touch. A brush of lip gloss will add more beauty and charm to your outfit.

As the season changes the color of your skin also changes, so make changes for the shades of your foundation, but avoid heavy foundation, if you want to cover up some particular areas of your face. Your foundation should not match with your hands, but with the jaw line.

Bronzer and Powders

Bronzer and PowdersIf you want to make your skin soft and lovely this season use a bronzer powder. It is in two shades which will be darker than your skin, but will give a nice finishing touch to your eyes and cheeks. If you want a powerful color, then use a cream bronzer, rather than using blush, which gives artificial impression.

EYES (Eye shadows)

Eye shadowsFor making your eyes unique make your look smoky (near to black).Select charcoal shades such as blue, green, or brown in colors. This look will make a combination with shining lips. You may use light shimmers and gloss on the eyes. For holding shimmer use a matte base. Don’t forget to apply eye shadow before applying powder to your eyelids. This practice will make the color blend easy.

Golden tips

Some glittering on the eyelids and brows look them charm, but careful that poorly blended shadow looks unattractive. You have to avoid the over frosted eye shadows. If you use mascara, comb your lashes before it become dry.


EyelinerWinged eyeliner is IN for this season. For giving a dramatic look add bold color such as blue shadow with a crease. If you want to set of your eye color perfect, use a black kohl pencil for line the inside of the eyes. Instead for one, try for two lines, use a fishtail flick.


Key trend of the season running in this way that everybody likes to have ‘no mascara’, but for a natural look if you are in favor of it, then don’t put a heavy layer, simply put on a liner and eye shadow. To the outer corner of the eyes put some individual false lashes for total impact, then bring on the mascara.


LipsIt is no secret that bright red lips are IN for the season. When applying scarlet red lipstick, use liner for shaping your lips. After that, use a lip brush for a final touch. Before applying second coat, powder lips with translucent powder. This will give freshness all the day long.

Golden tips

For giving perfection to the uneven shape, if you are extending beyond your lip’s natural line, it will give unnatural look. When lipstick feathering is giving you trouble, apply lipstick and clean with a tissue, you may also use semi- permanent lip stain. If your lips are slippery, it will be better to switching to matte lipsticks.

Lip liners

Lip linersIf your lips are uneven, lip liner helps to reshape them. Before applying the lip color, If you fill in your lips with a loner, it can also make lipstick last longer.

Summer Fashion

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Summer Fashion

Summer is knocking on your door. All the woolen wearing is going in the wardrobe, light and comfortable wearing is coming out. To wear anything, you must consider that the fashion didn’t last for ever, it changes rapidly. Whenever a new day begins a new fashion introduced.

Summer FashionEverybody wants to keep himself up date and want to run with the stream. You acquire any fashion, but think over it that what is the shape of your body and what is your structure. Take the dressing accordingly.  As far as man’s wearing is concern it is not limited and bounded, it may be extended to different accessories, like shoes, glasses, cap and belt etc.

In wearing something is always in, and that is denims. You may wear it in all of the seasons. It gives comfort in cold and as well as heat. Consider only one thing that it is fitting well on your body and not looking odd and funny.  Color choice is not any problem for you, because the denims are available in so many colors, choice an appropriate color for you. Now comes the style, there are tight fittings and loose fittings, straight cuts, high waist as well as low waist. Take one which is looking nice and elegant to your body.

The most suitable shirts for summer are Polo shirts. These are coming in all the colors. Choose one for yourself. Either plane or printed, which is matching to your denims or making a contrast. A loose one is better for the people who are single body and have normal structure. If you want to wear any other thing apart from Polo shirts, then you could choice a flip-flop for your denims don’t worry, they are available in reasonable price and trendy too. The most attractive and cozy are cargoes which are tailored from nice fabric. Cargoes built up a good style and shape.

A belt is necessary for everybody. If you are attending an office which has a sober atmosphere then you take a formal belt, otherwise a cotton belt with a ring will suit for your denims. Your body and especially your eyes seek coolness and comfort in this hell like season, so take a pair of sunglasses for you. The face cut has an importance, so keeping it in view choose proper sunglasses that suits to your face cut. Due to the enormous and extensive heat a cap is also necessary. Caps are available in different styles, shape and colors. Buy one which suits to your appearance.

Youngsters gives a charming look when they put on jogger, prefer a jogger which is lighter in weight and you feel comfort with it. Mostly white with blue graphic designs are available. Black calf also gives a nice look. The fashionable dressing and its accessories make a total impact when you will be confident and have control able manners. The ways you talk and walk adds quality .Brighten yourself and make a spark in this season.

Fashion And Style Trends Of The Season

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Fashion And Style Trends Of The Season

As we are stepping in year 2011, not only we have clear trends but there are also signs and symptoms that this could prove to be a ground-breaking decade for beauty and fashion. Now for your choice, everything is here, have a look:

Clothes: Worldwide trends of clothing are very much different from the local ones. In the West hemlines are becoming up and the fall-winter trends are mini dresses with thigh-high boots, shoulder pads and leggings are available everywhere.

In India the top dress designer has shorten the length of qameez, so kurtis are IN and lengthy qameez touching to the ground are OUT.

In Pakistan however nightgown style qamees near about to the length of ankle is trendy. Paired with trousers, flowing qumeezes often with 2-4 inch stain bands at sleeves, necklines and hemline, are worn almost like uniforms and  could be seen everywhere. It seems to be that this trend will continue throughout 2011.

Still weather is slightly cool and old ones are using woolen trouser in the beginning of the day, but legging is very much IN all around the world. Youngsters are keen to wear them. It was possibly the biggest fashion of the previous years and the same thing could be predict for the running year.

As trend is concern, tracksuit is IN, but it looks attractive only at that time when it is properly chosen. They should be worn with high heels. If you have tapered legs, then use a trench coat with it or a sleeveless jacket, this combination will give you a nice outfit and will add a lot to your appearance.

Hair: Short haircuts with pony tail are trendy for this season. Pony with a cascade of multi-colored waves are IN. They could be made more charming and attractive by tying a third of the hair in braids or loops; this will give you a charming look.

Make-up: Soft muted make-up in pastels along with shimmer eyes is trendy. To add shining and a youthful glow glosses and cheek stains and bronzers are available. The light reflecting products possibly will be trendy for a long time. Long lashes are also IN with lash extensions.

Shoes: Shoes are more attractive and pretty in this season. Thigh-high and some time skin-tight leather and suede boots commonly with anorexic heels may be seen all around. Whereas suede wedge pumps and lace-up shoes booties are IN. Delicate stilettos with zipper around them or even crusted with gold and chunky ornate jewels are also going in the trend. Most recent collections in varying styles of cut-out shoes in different geometric shapes are also IN. Hiking boots have sky-high platform heels giving a delicate feminine look.

Handbags: Buy a quilted bag for you, because this is trendy. Racy styles boats bold butterfly shape, tattoo plans and funky color mixes.

Jewelry : The prices of diamonds are going very high in this season, no matter those are chunky bold design paired with large faux rubies and emerald. Their shining is lovely and they glitter in make-up, so try for any of them and enjoy the season.

Dilemma Of Fashion For Tall Men

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Tallness is always a problem, because tall men require proper dress which improve their personality and make them the centre figure in a party. In past it was a problem for tall men to dress properly. They use to come home with nothing in their hands and they have not any awareness to do anything, because of the global situation. The world was in shrunken shape and people travels in ox-carts. They have not any information beyond their villages. But the now the situation has changed entirely in this modern era. The web sites and fast media are helping them a lot. As far as modern styles and latest design selection of fashionable dressing is concern they may take guide from web sites. Web produces a lot of information from every angle.

It is advisable for tall men to choose dark colored trousers and shirts for them, so that they may not become funny figure and everybody makes fun of them. They have to show their physical strength of the body to others by wearing tight dresses. If they want to look stars of the evening in any party they choose printed and colorful shirts for them.

Due to their long hands and legs a number of people look at them in funny manner, because they want to say silently that tall man is a juggler and he should take part in a circus, and become a clown and make entertainment for kids. Hence to avoid all these circumstances tall men short sleeve quarter pants. The short sleeve will exhibit his muscles and personality. His tallness will be honored and he will be greeted by everyone warmly.

In winter people like to wear blazers, although once upon a time the sportsmen use to wear blazers with white pants professionally and they look attractive in this dress, but now-a-days it is in the fashion. Tall men should choose a few sober color blazers like black and dark blue. Keep in mind the buttons should be shinning golden. The blazer will look elegant if the choice of trousers is reasonable. For example navy blue blazer the color of trouser should be beige.

Suit of dark colors with linings will look respectable on his body. Likewise pullovers of dark colors will give him a handsome look. Jacket of black color with matching denims will be nice for winters.

In summer with the extreme heat, people like to wear less and tends to feel comfort, by using pure cotton clothes. However a pair of denims is always like by the people for all seasons, so the tall men may buy denims with light color short sleeves, like white, off-white, sky blue and cream. In regional clothing sherwani and shalwar is also in. A light turban with khusa may be used.

Cotton kurta shalwar with Peshawari sandals is also in, keeping in view theCotton kurta shalwarseason, and hot humid air take light colors. Shalwar qameez are available in all colors and in all qualities. 65% cotton and 35% polyester will be suitable. White shalwar with white banarsi malmal kurta is also in. To give a mughal prince look the kurta may be embroidered.

Ear Piercing Treatment Tips

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Ear Piercing TreatmentIn earlier times people liked ear piercing of their adults or teen-aged children, but now this trend has been developed in even one year babies or even 6 months babies. Adult piercing infection gets less time to wrap up than the small babies. In western culture, people like ear piercing on just ear lobes but in eastern culture or in regional cultures, ladies like to pierce their ears from lobes to the end of soft bone of the ear.

If you want to get your ear pierced, you must know some precaution details before piercing.  So keep in mind some basic treatment point.

  • Normal ear piercing wounds takes 24 to 48 hours to convert in accustomed condition.
  • Make sure that your skin is not allergic to the artificial or gold jewelry.
  • Also be sure about ear-ring that it is guaranteed as non-allergenic. Also follow up their instructions about services.
  • If you got allergy problem and it is not recovering then contact with your piercer or consultant as soon as possible.
  • If you are feeling swelling and redness then swap your earring and try to replace it with some quality jewelry.
  • Some people can not wear artificial jewelry but their skin accepts the gold jewelry. Such people are recommended to use only gold if they want to get rid of piecing infection.
  • There are some signs for checking piercing infection like redness, pain to touch or infection leakage of dark yellow/green pus that can have smell.
  • Rub infection owing to irritation can be source of your infection destructiveness in form of redness, swelling, lymph and more than normal condition.
  • What you use to clean the piercing infection? Do you wash your hands? How many times you clean your infection? All these things are necessary for the improvement of your infection.
  • If you have no jewelry allergy issue, even then avoid wearing surgical steel and low quality material. These all things can origin of nickel allergy.
  • Tenderness and irritation can be reduced with saltwater or condensed water. Take a cup of water, add 1/8 non-iodized salt in it and immerse your piercing part of body in this solution. Clean your ear with a small ball of cotton. Clean it for at least 5-10 minutes twice a day.
  • If your piercing is still red and swallowed then you need treatment immediately.

Ladies Hand Bag

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Now, there is no need to go to market to find stylish and affordable Ladies Handbag selection. Just a single click of a mouse can take you in the world of mode and verity via your computer. Ladies handbags are available in a huge variety that is perfect for every occasion. Ladies handbags and purse are now existed in many different styles that are used on diverse occasion.

Casual Ladies Hand Bags

Ladies Leather Handbags are perfect for every occasion, office meeting, and schedule for a meeting. These bags are likely used in off-white, black, maroon, brown, silver and metallic color to compliment your wardrobe. These leather handbags are in both small and large size of your own choice. Ladies handbags are not only deliver mode but also use to secure different accessories. Leather Ladies bags are in reasonable price.

Some casual handbags come in enormous size that are enough to keep cell phone, mp3 player, wallets, keys, makeup kit, hairbrush etc. Even some working women can keep meal box in their bags.

Sporadic Handbags

Some ladies prefer tiny and small handbags in evening function. Mostly day time occasional bags are in huge size and provide immense capacity for accessories and articles. Now it is not hard to find functional and stylish bags in reasonable price. Some bags have different compartments in it, to keep accessories isolate from each other. This compartment style bag keeps your accessories and articles clean and neat.

Ladies Hand Bag Styles

Roving Bags

These bags are in enormous size and offer great capacity. These bags are available in both occasional and formal size.

Clutch Bag

This verity is available in tiny and fancy style. It can be called occasional style bags to keep small things such as lipstick and lip liner etc.

Short Handled Bag

These stylish bags are existed with two short handles. Short handled bags are also best for traveling.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are normally made of canvas and it has two handles. These are enough to carry a notebook and traveling books and even for groceries.

Wedding Veil

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Charm and mysterious for wedding veil comes in women mind since their childhood. A small girl takes a towel on her head and covers her forehead. She puts down teddy bear in front of her and imagines them as audience in wedding ceremony. When it comes true and you have to choose a wedding veil for yourself, it seems a great day of a female life. It is also an interest job to choose a perfect bride veil. Some brides prefer long veil, some prefer style and color. It is also necessary to suit with gown of your wedding theme.

There are a lot of styles of wedding veils, such as:

  • Birdcage veil
  • Short veil
  • Elbow veil
  • Fingertips veil
  • Cathedral veil

Birdcage veil

Cage veil, blusher veils and medona veils are comes in birdcage veil. These veils are made of Russian and French net that considers as wide and heavy net. Birdcage veil comes in diverse style and size, like short, chine length or short till nose. It is fixed on bride’s head with hairpins and combs. It is available in chic color-shades that go with different type of gowns. Birdcage veil are available in wonderful contrast with tea-length bridle dress. It is a great inspiration of old glamorous gown. Birdcages are come in unique and classical style.

1. Halo Effect Birdcage veil

It can also call blusher veil. It is fixed at the crown of the bride and it put down till jaw or below the chin. Blusher style veil creates an effect of halo. It often encircles the bride’s head.

2. Bandeau veil

It seems like mask style veil that covers the bride’s eyes. It fixes on the head of bride with help of pins and catchers. It covers from sides of bride. It does not conceal bridal dress’s grace. It is a lovely choice for short hair bride and for those who wants to wear their hair down.

3. Angle veil

This veil covers upper part of bride face as well as back side of the head. It looks so nice and stylish. It is very short that enhances the bride’s tea-length dress allegiance.

4. Lodge veil

It places at one shoulder from head and at the shrine. It is one sided veil that covers the bride’s one side with one eye.