Perfection By Foundation
Everybody wants to be perfect and complete in all aspects. Particularly when you are intended to attend a party and time is running short. Naturally you want to have a shinning face and Smokey eyes. I tell you a secret, which is an open secret now. You hear anything about foundation? No. Then I want to disclose that foundation gives you a flawless finish. It improves your complexion and illuminate...
Handbook for Fashionable Dress
Actually when you see a super model it sparkles in your heart and you wish to become as that model. What is her figure, what her diet is, how she dress and what she applied on her face to maintain her soft and supple skin, you know everything by her interviews. We complied here a handbook of fashionable dress by top class dress designers and super models for you. Figure out what is your body ty...
Summer Fashion
Summer is knocking on your door. All the woolen wearing is going in the wardrobe, light and comfortable wearing is coming out. To wear anything, you must consider that the fashion didn't last for ever, it changes rapidly. Whenever a new day begins a new fashion introduced. Everybody wants to keep himself up date and want to run with the stream. You acquire any fashion, but think over it that wh...
Fashion Jeans for Women
Tight jeans have become hot items among young girls and teenagers for the last many years. Especially jeans of low and even no waistband are very popular to wear by modal girls. Fashion of wearing jeans is liked by the young girls across the world and jeans have become best selling apparent product in fashion market. Fashion jeans are available in mostly blue and black color that looks very gorgeo...
Fashion Addict Kids
Like youngsters, fashion addiction is also accrued in kids equally. Grace Fashion accessory is a partnership company that was founded in 1996. The organization has slowly but surely taken strides that have catapulted from modest beginnings to a company with a strong foundation. It caters the specific requirements of international buyers. Its head-office is in New Delhi and factory is in the outski...

Perfection By Foundation

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Perfection By FoundationEverybody wants to be perfect and complete in all aspects. Particularly when you are intended to attend a party and time is running short. Naturally you want to have a shinning face and Smokey eyes. I tell you a secret, which is an open secret now. You hear anything about foundation? No. Then I want to disclose that foundation gives you a flawless finish. It improves your complexion and illuminates your face.

Foundation makeup used to make your skin even tone. It covers the irregularities of the skin and gives you perfection. Do it smoothly and evenly. Be careful, don’t try to add shinning or gloss. Foundation is composed of ultra violet protectors and moisturizers.

Be careful in selecting the right color of skin foundations, if you will make any mistake the color base pigments look dirty and clumsy. Many women are against foundation, but it is good for your skin as a face cream. As an anti-aging product foundation gives a charm and attraction to you face.

When you are in a mood to use the foundation add a common moisturizer with it. This practice will give your skin a nice protection from air pollution and harmful sun rays. It is necessary that you know the type of your skin, it should be checked by the foundation that you wear that what level of sunscreen is provided.

Remember that skin foundation should not be used separately; dissolve powder, cream or liquid foundation in it. Keeping in view, the color pigment and the coverage depends upon the nature and type of your skin. Mix all of the liquids with a proper percentage.

With skin foundations you will have to use a cream, powder or liquid foundation. This will depend on your skin type, color pigment, and the how much coverage you need. If your skin seems to absorb skin foundations quickly that might be because it is dry, so a silk cream foundation might be best. Powder foundations are effective in controlling oil build-up on greasier skins. When applying foundation the makeup should be applied and spread on with a sponge for minimal and uniform coverage.

When you decided to wear skin foundations all the daylong, products from a good cosmetic should be better to buy. Think over it for so many times, and then spend money on a best product. Skin foundation gives you a natural and youthful look. You will be fresh and your appearance will make you the most talked about lady in a party.

Foundation applying tips

*For applying foundation, take a sponge and tap with it, your fingers will not give a good effect.  Your skin will become sharp and flowery.

*If you are willing to make your skin little bit dewy, take a wash cloth and wet in astringent and tap it with flowery gesture. The witch hazel astringent is very much suitable, which will remove the extra makeup and make your skin glowing and sparkling.

*Apply foundation not only on your face, but tap it on your neck also, with open mouth. Expose the neck and eliminate an obvious line at the jaw line.

*Matching is very essential for winter and summer season. For the purpose take two shades in you makeup box. If you want a similarity in shade for all seasons, then mix together both of the foundations.

*After applying the foundation, take a tissue paper and pat over your face skin. It will make your look soft and attractive.

Fashion Trends In A Mixture

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Fashion Trends In A Mixture

Gone are the days of simple embroidery, simple cuts and retro tie-and-dyes. We’re passing now through a phase of flowing fabrics and an insatiable appetite for flared cuts. First up is a traditional red lehnga with gold polka-dots. A large pyramid of embroidery at the hem tricks the eye into believing it a different cut and layer.

Second up is the lighter salmon. The work around the neck forms a deep, elegant and deceiving V. Delicate embroidery all over the shirt and a traditional border complete the ensemble. The blue dress has four shades. The contrasting red gives it a modern edge. The body is in diaphanous indigo woven with gold and silver. The broad hem is composed of large motifs. The silver embroidery and the ruffled blue add a dreamy-little-girl quality to the attire. Very different from the rest is the pale lime green. Flowing in folds, it has slit short sleeves and only two strips of embroidery at the neckline and bodice to give it an elusive, minimalist glamour.

True and delicate style

It’s a time to discover your true style and grace the soul of womanhood in this exquisite evening wear collection. Welcome the guests of a formal dinner party in elegant drape; the atypical contrast of grey and red looks elusive while the sliver embellishment on the neckline and sleeves retain an elegant feel. For a wedding function of a relative, the sea green highly embellished outfit must be your choice. The ornate zari work on high bodice and hemline adds a glam and give a stylish feel. The multiple pleats separated by a striking gold ribbon give a flared look to amber shirt.

The delicate embellishment on hemline of each pleat defines the cut. For vivid hues lovers there is poppy red and sapphire. The mango-shaped embroidery in vertical lines makes the sapphire open shirt alluring for many. Make a real style statement in the crimson red attire with grey embellishment on high bodice and ribbon on hemline.

Look elegant in Sari

Look elegant in SariEverybody wants to look elegant, because we like festivity and standard. That’s just the way it is. There’s no easier way to assume all three of these than by putting on a sari. It’s so loveable that it simply conforms to each occasion. Saris are simply lengths of fabric shown off to the best advantage, are perfect for making an expression. Saris will never let you down if you want to look elegant and regal, as from the courts of the olden Nawabs, or deeply continental. An instance of the first being the glittering white with the gold-sequined skirt and the second is portrayed by the maroon worked in temple jewel colors.

The black, white and maroon sari is a least creation purely for the modern and casual. But if you want modern with a heavy dose of tradition, the olive-bordered purple will suit you. For weddings and such occasion’ red, green and gold borders look charming. Featured here in dull orchid and bright red, these saris will just keep you the main figure of the party. To bedazzle, try plain bright pastels, like deep salmon and turquoise with a combination of glittering silver. The blouses are where your imagination can run wild. A golden collar with border-straps, halter top, or even regal Chinese collars and full-sleeved 70s style-blouses make a perfection. All shapes and sizes, styles and fabrics, are acceptable and always IN because sari-zone is surely in fashion-zone.

Ladies Hand Bag

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Now, there is no need to go to market to find stylish and affordable Ladies Handbag selection. Just a single click of a mouse can take you in the world of mode and verity via your computer. Ladies handbags are available in a huge variety that is perfect for every occasion. Ladies handbags and purse are now existed in many different styles that are used on diverse occasion.

Casual Ladies Hand Bags

Ladies Leather Handbags are perfect for every occasion, office meeting, and schedule for a meeting. These bags are likely used in off-white, black, maroon, brown, silver and metallic color to compliment your wardrobe. These leather handbags are in both small and large size of your own choice. Ladies handbags are not only deliver mode but also use to secure different accessories. Leather Ladies bags are in reasonable price.

Some casual handbags come in enormous size that are enough to keep cell phone, mp3 player, wallets, keys, makeup kit, hairbrush etc. Even some working women can keep meal box in their bags.

Sporadic Handbags

Some ladies prefer tiny and small handbags in evening function. Mostly day time occasional bags are in huge size and provide immense capacity for accessories and articles. Now it is not hard to find functional and stylish bags in reasonable price. Some bags have different compartments in it, to keep accessories isolate from each other. This compartment style bag keeps your accessories and articles clean and neat.

Ladies Hand Bag Styles

Roving Bags

These bags are in enormous size and offer great capacity. These bags are available in both occasional and formal size.

Clutch Bag

This verity is available in tiny and fancy style. It can be called occasional style bags to keep small things such as lipstick and lip liner etc.

Short Handled Bag

These stylish bags are existed with two short handles. Short handled bags are also best for traveling.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are normally made of canvas and it has two handles. These are enough to carry a notebook and traveling books and even for groceries.

Kundan Work in Fashion

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Just a few years back people had no concept about kundan. Ladies used just golden, silver and other colorful stones in dresses and other decoration accessories made of fabric.. But now this trend has converted in kundan style. People like to see kundan work on different items. This trend is commonly popular in Asia. This kundan work is applied in diverse style on different items. Have a look on below mentioned trends of kundan in which it is popular.

  1. Kundan in Personal Decoration
  2. Kundan in Public Decoration

1. Kundan in Personal Decoration

Kundan work is a multicolor work. Different colorful beads in diverse shapes are used in this work. You can see kundan work on ladies dresses, jewelry and footwear and other personal items.

Kundan on Outfits: Asian ladies like to wear fancy dresses on special occurrences. Their dresses are decorated with multicolor beads that are made of plastic as well as crystal and wood. Special occasion dresses are prepared with crystal kundan work while casual outfits are ornamented with plastic beads. You can also make it at home easily just with the help of needle and thread. You can do work on blouse, shoulder, neck, and on daman if you want to make your dress in latest and in modern style. It is also trend to have kundan embroidery work on duppata. These special dresses consist of bridal lehnga, choli, sari, frock, pashwaz and some other regional dresses. This work is also being applied on men’s sherwani and a slight touch on kullah.

Kundan on Jewelary: Kundan is also being used in jewelry. Not only in gold and silver but also in artificial jewelry to make it special and antiques style. Asian ladies who are fond of matching style, they fix matching kundan stone on their gold jewelry such as necklace, earrings, rings, nose pin and other items. If you have double shade dress, fix a bold kundan bead in center of necklace matching with prominent color of your dress and in other part of item. It is better to fix small crystal kundan stones in jewelry set.

Hairstyles and Mehndi: Manufacturers are using kundan style in different ways. Multi shaded beads and crystal stones are being used in hair pins, clips, catchers, artificial joora and in different hairstyle such as French tail. Now ladies like to paste small kundan beads and stone in mehndi design to make it fabulous.

Kundan in Footwear: Ladies shoes are ornamented with kundan work. Different style and color beads are pasted on steps of shoes. Heel of ladies shoes also look so nice with transparent and colorful kundan beads like stars on sky.