Perfection By Foundation
Everybody wants to be perfect and complete in all aspects. Particularly when you are intended to attend a party and time is running short. Naturally you want to have a shinning face and Smokey eyes. I tell you a secret, which is an open secret now. You hear anything about foundation? No. Then I want to disclose that foundation gives you a flawless finish. It improves your complexion and illuminate...
Handbook for Fashionable Dress
Actually when you see a super model it sparkles in your heart and you wish to become as that model. What is her figure, what her diet is, how she dress and what she applied on her face to maintain her soft and supple skin, you know everything by her interviews. We complied here a handbook of fashionable dress by top class dress designers and super models for you. Figure out what is your body ty...
Summer Fashion
Summer is knocking on your door. All the woolen wearing is going in the wardrobe, light and comfortable wearing is coming out. To wear anything, you must consider that the fashion didn't last for ever, it changes rapidly. Whenever a new day begins a new fashion introduced. Everybody wants to keep himself up date and want to run with the stream. You acquire any fashion, but think over it that wh...
Fashion Jeans for Women
Tight jeans have become hot items among young girls and teenagers for the last many years. Especially jeans of low and even no waistband are very popular to wear by modal girls. Fashion of wearing jeans is liked by the young girls across the world and jeans have become best selling apparent product in fashion market. Fashion jeans are available in mostly blue and black color that looks very gorgeo...
Fashion Addict Kids
Like youngsters, fashion addiction is also accrued in kids equally. Grace Fashion accessory is a partnership company that was founded in 1996. The organization has slowly but surely taken strides that have catapulted from modest beginnings to a company with a strong foundation. It caters the specific requirements of international buyers. Its head-office is in New Delhi and factory is in the outski...

An Exclusive Look at Mens Clothing

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For those people who think that fashion is only related to women and it is considered as a female-dominated industry they consider and think totally wrong. Apart from females, males are also conscious about their appearance and styling. These days, the variety available and concept of fashion is totally changing the styling of men’s dress. In this competitive and fast pace of world, modern man has clearly understood the importance and significance of his dressing with new experimenting looks and he wants to look unique and stylish. The fashion industry with its incredible and wide variety of clothing is considered to be the best example of what males fashion these days. There are various and latest fashion stores that offers modern and classy jeans to the wide variety of hoodies, shirts and jackets and modern man can easily purchase according to his needs and requirements. Moreover, several designer stores offer various types of cuts, hand-stitched material for the males.


In this article we will discuss an exclusive and new look at men’s clothing. According to various designers that it’s not an easy task to fulfil and come up with incredible and best men’s clothing. In case of designing clothes related to males are very difficult and few shops and stores provide everything that stylish and modern male is looking for. These days latest and modern jackets are vey common and popular among males. Jackets are available in different colours like black or blue and males can also find them in attractive and brighter colours like red, green or yellow. Wide varieties of jackets are available such as full zippers, jackets of basketball styles and buttoned jackets. If we talked about shirts then males can select trendy and modern collection of different shirts in long sleeves as well as in short sleeves. Apart from long and short sleeves shirts, checks shirts are also very popular among males. Various interesting and bright colours are available in checks and plain shirts. Apart from these shirts, various shirts have new and innovative designing like hoods and several patterns.


Moreover, males find it comfortable and easier to shop at the particular store that offers various stylish brands. This is considered to be the positive point for those males who want different jeans or shirts in several shades, patterns and sizes. Moreover, these days, sober t-shirts are also getting very popular among males along with different colours. Furthermore, hoddies also keep the man warm. With an extensive range of different colours, several brands and numerous patterns, males can select according to their taste and style.


On the whole, after explaining the different styles of t-shirts and jeans it is concluded that several types of modern and stylish jeans are t-shirts are available and they are in fashion so man can select according to his taste and style. Moreover, males can also do shopping with the help of online stores and it also gives a chance to males to look and see different mouth watering offers.

Looking Through The Sunglasses

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Looking Through The Sunglasses

How romantic it is to look the world around you through the colorful sunglasses. Some of today’s most fashionable frames of sunglasses are more closely associated with people than manufacturers. Historians believe the first sunglasses were move like goggles, fashioned from caved bands of wood fitted with horizontal slits at level-sort of Venetian Blinds for the eyes. The small openings forced the wearers, thus reducing the chance of eye damage.

Today’s sunglasses are a quantum leap from what the Eskimos wore. At first, tinted glasses were simply a mean to cut down glare and squinting. As technology advanced, it was learned that different colored lenses could improve depth perception and vision. As we’ve those sunglasses are also essential protection against eye damage and disease. Sunlight may contribute to cornea damage and development of a yellowish bump on the white of the eye. Sunlight can also burn the eyeball, just as it burns the skin, and often severe damage to the retina. Unprotected eyes are also more likely to develop cancer in the eye area, and may be more prone to crow’s feet and wrinkles.

The ultra violate rays coming from the sun give an unavoidable damage to your sight, so it is necessary to have a sunglass on your eyes. It also protects your eyes from the external dust particles, floating in the atmosphere. The glasses add beauty to your face, because the dark glasses make a contrast with your white and fair skin. If you have a program to buy a new pair for you, here are some tips about it:

Before you buy a new pair of shades, make a few simple checks to assure yourself of a quality product that will acquire your needs.

1. Put on the glasses in question and look in a mirror. If you can just make out your eyes, then you’ve got a pair of medium-density lenses. Medium-density lenses let in about 21 percent of the visible spectrum making them perfect for driving or daily outdoor activity.

2. While you’re still wearing the glasses look at the edge of a doorway where there’s straight vertical line and swing your head back and forth. If the line wiggles, there’s probably an optical defect in the lenses and you should exchange them for a different pair. Lens irregularities can cause eye fatigue.

3. Head to the front of the store and see if there’s a traffic light in view through the windows. Put on the glasses and make sure you can easily recognize the red, yellow and green signals. Gray and brown lenses provide the true color portrayal, while bright yellow and orange lenses may your color perception.

4. While you’re still got those glasses on, lean over until your face is parallel to the floor. Are the glasses sliding down your nose? If so, it’s a loose fit, and you can expect a lot of shifting and annoying friction. But if they stay right where they were put, you can expect them to remain comfortable during extended periods of use. So think over it for a long and then make a choice.

5. Find out how much ultraviolet radiation the glasses block. There’s been some concern over the possible connection between cumulative exposure to UV and the development of cataracts. While conclusive evidence is still pending you may want to play it safe by acquiring a pair of sunglasses that block a large amount of UV rays. If the necessary information isn’t included on the product tag, ask the salesman or make a contact with the manufacturing company.

Belt Up Beautifully

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Belt Up Beautifully

When you dress up yourself, you need something else to tighten yourself that is a belt. The belt not only tight yourself, but hold your dress and give an elegant look. While making a choice for a belt keep in mind the following tips:

*It’s not better when a contrast belt cuts a body in two and also makes people notice how much bulk is inside. So it’s never a good accessory in full view on a short shape or a broad beam: both are far better served by a quiet self-belt or a waist-skimming style. You can put on a soft jersey beautifully with a belt but not a tailored jacket in a firm fabric. And never belt over coat or jacket buttons.

* It is true that many model girls who look underweight still don’t go in much at the middle. A deeply indented waist is a body quirk as green eyes or marvelously sculptured ankles. But if wise dieting and exercise have revealed an ugly waist as your quality, show how to make the most of it no contrast-color belt, just a well-defined bodice taken quite low over a flowing evening skirt. But one huge artificial diamond brooch on back-fastening belt delivers the message at the middle. Once you’ve achieved it, show it!

* The bigger you belt, the lower your breast will look. So a broad-belted dress with a high round neck overcomes this unkindness. Worn with an open-necked shirt top, a deep belt could suit a slim figure with a high bust and no ribs coming out, but it will be wrong on the rest of us. Buy a belt that makes you look elegantly long from the waist up, not the opposite.

* Remember the dangly bit don’t work. There is a kind of fashion curse that always makes the bobbles on hip-length coat with a hood; lower drawstrings dangle untidily particularly unfortunate places. It affects waist, tie-belts and hanging threads on more formal outfits, too: if they can slip, slide, dangle, they will. Never buy complicated belts that will be odd looking.

* If you want to wear a bold belt but, aren’t quite sure that your waist can stand such emphasis, fasten it under a casually open jacket. Then your belt is on display yet, because nobody has an all-round view of it, the precise degree of indentation stays your secret. It’s an artful way for a heavier figure to indicate a neat waistline without the obligation to prove it!

Shining People With Bright Shoes

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Bright Shoes

You hear the story of Cinderella, the poor graceful girl who lost her shoe in a royal party and a prince found it and after searching the owner (Cinderella), marry her?

A shoe leads to a marriage, astonishing!

Surely you came to know the importance of shoes. The shoes are just like presentation card that speaks loud (but without words) to your beloved friends, close relatives, nice colleagues and kind neighbors. It is not necessary to purchase costly and unique design shoes like hush puppy or Dan Carlos every time. The ordinary shoes could attract a lot of eyes towards your shoes, if they are shinning, glittering and are well managed. So far, when you are planning to buy footwear, give special attention.

Your choice should be like simple mathematics, if you are a lady and use to stand in a shop performing the duty of a salesgirl, then the high heels will not suitable for you, because it gives a tremendous back pain and stress to your legs, as a result make problems for your health. Try for comfortable and flat footwear. Don’t take a heavy shoe if you are in a habit of walking and jogging. Light footwear will be a good choice, like tennis or rubber sole shoes, for jogging there are running shoes. In all respect your shoes should be according to your demand and working conditions. Remember the environment also counts, if you have to walk on uneven and hilly areas, then your boots should be heavy and thick sole type. The soft and light shoes will give sharp stones to bruise your heels in this condition.

Here some tips that will tell you how to select a suitable pair of footwear.

* There are lot of companies which are making shoes of various designs, like hush puppy, Don Carlos and Bata. Choose one and enter in the boot house. Surely the women’s feet are different as of men’s. When women like to take a footwear, they try for a tight fitting and thigh-high variety. Remember that these are hazardous for health and the user feel uncomfortable all the day long.

* If tight fitting is not proper then what you have to select? Take inch loose footwear from your heel, you will feel comfort and will be healthy. The loose fitting will provide a room for your toes. Keep in mind your heel should not slid up and down inside the boot, when you walk. The proper way for checking the length of feet is to put your feet in the boot and slid it all the way forward, then think what are you feeling, If discomfort then it is improper. Select another one. See for many times the material, shape and design.

A selection for dancing shoes

If you like attend the ballroom frequently, and then the first thing which should be very fit should be your footwear. Loose or tight footwear can produce a lot of problems in dancing; you can’t perform well and will unable to show your art. For the occasion, put on professional dancing footwear.  You will feel on the floor absolutely other confident person. If you have decided to purchase dancing footwear, go to the shop for it, you will be surprise to see the impressive variety of models there and a choice will be difficult for you. The things you purchase depends upon your necessity and purpose, so if you are going to take a dancing shoe, thing over it for which dance you are asking it. We guide you here:

*For European program ball dance, Standard are suitable.

*For Latin American program of ball dances Latina will be better.

Remember, don’t stick to the prescription, you may use Standard for Latin American program also. The characteristics of footwear should be as follows, which you are going to purchase:

*It shouldn’t have a rubber sole.

* Should be comfortable for you.

* Should have a proper combination with your dress.

*Sole should be soft.

*Slippery, but not so much.

Literacy has increase the wisdom of mankind, so we have full awareness of good or bad. In this regard, now we are not chasing behind the latest fashions and spoiling our health. When doctors mentioned that high-heels give harm to your legs and back, ladies are asking for absorbent sole and padding at the ball of the foot, which is made of latex. Lower heels with a combination of broader base put off the pressure of ball of foot, so select one which compulsory fits to your feet. Remember the fact that wrong selection will cause discomfort and misery to you.

The proper combination shoes and dress makes you perfect. Following guideline will help you:

*The material of the sole and heel should be shock absorbing, feel soft and give comfort.

*For purchasing go to the store, which have a vast verity of footwear. Whatever is your demand, he should fulfill it.

*Be careful about the heel, take broad base along with 10 to 8 inch heel.

*The heel counter should be durable.

*Take a deeper toe shape.

*Choice for a higher instep design.

*If your feet become tired after a short time, you are in need of dressy sandals.

*After buying new footwear, it is necessary to maintain them. Keep them clean, polish them and make them weather proof. This practice will last them longer.

Foot massage techniques

After long walks you become tired and dizzy. A little massage to foot give you relaxation and relief, it also evaporates the tension. Learn how to massage yourself and perform it on your spouse. Feel better and release tension. For a massage which give you a nice and wonderful relaxation a body lotion is necessary, which you can get from a health food shop. Baby lotion can be useful in this purpose. The popular oils to use for messaging are prepared with geranium, chamomile, Melissa, lavender and bergamot oils. For relieve of stressed muscles a mixture of thyme, rosemary, chamomile, birch and juniper is used commonly.

If you are massaging to your spouse rather than yourself, then advice him to sit on an easy chair and put his foot in a tub. Fill the tub with warm water and mix some salt. After some time advice him to put them out from tub and dry them with a soft towel. Now, Massage completely the entire foot, the top and bottom, toes to ankle with the oil. The   strokes should be from the ankles to toe. Keep your hands around the feet and thumbs on the upper portion. Rub specially the tendons politely and softly, not too hard to give a pain. Your massage will not finish up till the rubbing of sole. Start it from the thumb base and take your hands up to the heels. The massaging should not be straight, but it should be in circular motions. Make sure that you are covering the complete bottom area of the foot, but the circles should be even, applying more pressure on the heels.

After a little bit time, do the same practice again applying more pressure on the spots which are in pain. Ask your spouse and do it accordingly. The massaging should be with softness, politeness and delicacy. Hold both the toes with one hand, place the thumbs under the toes and all of your fingers on the top, rotate them for three times in one direction and in the other for the same times. It will make the joints open and give them ease. Do the same practice separately with both toes. Now it is time for twisting the foot gently, use much of the lotion so as not to give any harm to the foot. At the end dry the soles with a towel and let them place them in warm slippers.

Now do the same practice with your foot. Massage them and get relaxation. If you are still feeling pain and tension, go to your doctor and advice.

Ladies Hand Bag

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Now, there is no need to go to market to find stylish and affordable Ladies Handbag selection. Just a single click of a mouse can take you in the world of mode and verity via your computer. Ladies handbags are available in a huge variety that is perfect for every occasion. Ladies handbags and purse are now existed in many different styles that are used on diverse occasion.

Casual Ladies Hand Bags

Ladies Leather Handbags are perfect for every occasion, office meeting, and schedule for a meeting. These bags are likely used in off-white, black, maroon, brown, silver and metallic color to compliment your wardrobe. These leather handbags are in both small and large size of your own choice. Ladies handbags are not only deliver mode but also use to secure different accessories. Leather Ladies bags are in reasonable price.

Some casual handbags come in enormous size that are enough to keep cell phone, mp3 player, wallets, keys, makeup kit, hairbrush etc. Even some working women can keep meal box in their bags.

Sporadic Handbags

Some ladies prefer tiny and small handbags in evening function. Mostly day time occasional bags are in huge size and provide immense capacity for accessories and articles. Now it is not hard to find functional and stylish bags in reasonable price. Some bags have different compartments in it, to keep accessories isolate from each other. This compartment style bag keeps your accessories and articles clean and neat.

Ladies Hand Bag Styles

Roving Bags

These bags are in enormous size and offer great capacity. These bags are available in both occasional and formal size.

Clutch Bag

This verity is available in tiny and fancy style. It can be called occasional style bags to keep small things such as lipstick and lip liner etc.

Short Handled Bag

These stylish bags are existed with two short handles. Short handled bags are also best for traveling.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are normally made of canvas and it has two handles. These are enough to carry a notebook and traveling books and even for groceries.

Types of Ladies Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are one of the stylish fashion accessories. Men, women, teenagers, seniors and all kind of people like to wear sunglasses in summer as well as in spring season. Sunglasses are the useful items that protect your eyes in fashionable and stylish way. Design, color, shades and style has become a passion of modern ladies. Sunglasses are worn by different personalities that provide great ideas to fashioner ladies. Everybody has their unique face shape and choice for sunglasses. Majority prefers frame of sunglasses instead of shades according to their taste. Women must know about their face shape. Ladies have great choice for sunglasses like classic sunglasses, simple shaded sunglasses, chic style sunglasses etc. Some types of sunglasses are being introduced here. Have a look:

1. Simple Sunglasses

All kind of simple sunglasses have two uses; one use is to keep secure from sunrays and second is to enhance style. When you decide to purchase sunglasses, color or shade of the sunglasses come first in mind then you decide its lenses shape at the end you chose its frame.

2. Working Women Glasses

A working woman always prefers quality. She always prefers comfortable and smooth sunglasses for casual use. She loves to have a spare pair of sunglasses for the particular occasion like meetings, official get-together, seminars etc.

3. Fashion Sunglasses

Anne Klein Sunglasses

If you are interested in fashion sunglasses then choose Anne Klein shades. These glasses are available in different shades and both in metal and plastic material.

Balenciaga Sunglasses

These sunglasses provide a different and elegance look that makes you different and prominent from others. Every woman wants to be different from others. These are innovative and classic style big size sunglasses. Balenciaga sunglasses offer a wide rang of modern look and sophisticated glasses.

Juicy Couture Sunglasses

If you want to explore fashion and trend then Juicy Couture glasses are the best for self satisfaction. These glasses offer future style in form of large sized frames. They also keep your eyes safe from UVA/UVB sunrays.

Crystal Sunglasses

These sunglasses are in lot of styles and models, such as:

  • Optical Frame Crystal Jeweled Sunglasses
  • Swarovski Crystal Fashion Sunglasses
  • Crystal Jeweled Sunglasses

Decoration Ideas for Kid’s Bed Room/Nursery

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Kid’s decoration is an art while it is about personal decoration or about kid’s related things like nurseries, bedrooms, playrooms for the children. Their room’s furniture and other designing collection should be extra ordinary. There should be some spare place where they can rest, learn, imagine, create something. Give them a variety of colors, unique articles and toys to make them important. Also add some trendy unique things of your children choice in their room accessories.

Wall Derogation

Decorate your baby’s bed room wall with different style and colorful rugs, wall paintings, adorable growth chart and personalized clock. Also choose some charming picture frames, whimsical wooden letters. In picture frames hang some pictures according to the age period of your child. Now it has become trend of paint walls instead of decoration articles. Parents can draw specific characters and cartoons on the wall as well as scene and images like stars and moon on black background, zoo image with different animals with their name, learning colorful cubes etc. Now washable colors are also available in market. Carpenter colors is a variety of colors that can be removed, these are in pencil form. Anyone can draw easily on walls with these colors.

Kids’ Rooms and Nursery Furniture

Baby room furniture should be in different styles. Select bright and multi colors furniture to make the room or nursery colorful, such as in Stanley young America’s style. These Stanley Young America’s furniture collection are available for girls in unique style, like Isabella, Caroline, Ma Marie as well as special design that are built to grow.

For baby boys, young America collection include Harbor town, serenity, Gen America and Surfer’s Chase. You can also create your own style of bed in different forms like bed’s head is of animal shape; table is like birds form etc.


Kid‘s rooms and nurseries should also covered with curtains. They should be matching with the room’s wall, door and windows paint color. It can be in good contrast.

Decoration accessories

Babies rooms can be decorated with many goods, like decoration pieces, cushions etc. Their play cushions can be placed in different shapes and colors like frog shape, duck shape, bear shape but it is necessary that a frog’s color should be green. Animals cannot be in dissimilar color. There cushions can be make in cartoon style that should be placed in their wardrobe. Wardrobe can be in show case style that will enhance room’s beauty. Card can also be used for the kids’ room decoration. Large size teddy bear and barby dolls also can place in different ways. Like at the corner of beds’ header, or at the corner of kids play/bed room. Corner stand should also be in kid’s favorite things shape.

Men’s Perfect Casual Dressing for Spring

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Almost all people like change, it may be in anything. This change can be in lifestyle, food, dressing, fashion or even in weather. There are so many reasons to like change in weather. People like to wear light weighted and bright colored dressing instead of heavy jackets and wool sweaters.  Some people like spring season owing to its cool and colorful atmosphere.

People like to express their feeling in form of their style and dressing. Fashioner men like spring and summer season to show off the fashion and latest trendy outfits. They adopt every unique fashion. These both seasons are great opportunities to enhance the personality. To adopt the fashion in casual life, they even make their uniform in stylish forms to express their personality or look. They like to wear bold style topped belts within jeans and cool sunglasses. There are five main things in which a man can show off casual fashion and look in spring/summer.

Polo Shirt in Casual Fashion

There was a French tennis player Rene Lacoste who made this polo shirt most popular in men. Men like to wear polo shirt in its specific style. Till 1950 this shirt was available just in single color. Now it is available in several colors. Designers have made it in different styles and solid style. They have spring and summer look and verity of designs. Men like to wear it on different occasion as well as in casual. Especially the guys, who have strong muscles and want to show off their dashing personality, prefer this shirt style. These shirts are also available in both, costly and cheep variety for all status people to utilize this as a fashion. As it is designed in summer and spring style and its color are light and bright according to summer and spring season. However there is also a great variety in casual dress shirts in market for men.

Casual Fashion Belts

According to the spring/summer season belts should be matching with the shirt and trouser/jeans. With colorful bright shirts, belts are also available in cotton and different other stuffs. But some guys don’t like cotton belts, for them it is also available in different leather stuff. These belts are also decorated with different shape hooks such as animal, starts, wording, etc. It is in huge variety that every man can purchase it according to his casual fashion taste. Casual polo, leather and cotton belts look great when paired with sandals or fun sneakers.

Casual Tandy Jeans

Denim stuff has become more common than before in men. They like to use it as casual pants. Basically it is in the American wardrobe. It looks so stylish with polo shirt. If someone does not like it due to its fitting, for those people it is also available in comfortable size and length.

Casual Foot wear

In spring/summer, it is necessary to wear footwear according to the otheroutfits. With casual fashion shirts and jeans, your footwear must be in casual style. Softies are best for them. It is also available in different casual styles. They look so nice and seasonal, especially in evening time when you go outside.

Stylish and Trendy Sunglass

Whether it is summer or spring, outfit/dressing is incomplete without sunglasses. That’s why purchase a pair of awesome sunglasses for the cool look. That must be enough casual that can be worn with any casual outfit to give you nice look.

Tips for Using Contact Lenses

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It has become quite common to use contact lenses instead of contact glasses. Now people have no need to bother for the glasses to put off them and keep them at secure place. It is quite easy to use contact lenses once you have used it. First time may be you feel hesitation with the contact lenses but after some time when you become habitual to wear theme, you will feel it a part of your eyes. Many people know how to use contact lenses, but even then some experienced wearers have practical questions about contacts. The following tips can help you to deal with the contact lenses.

Real Shape of Lenses

  1. There is a slight different between right and wrong shape, but before placing contact lens on your eye, make sure it looks like a ball but not like a soup bowl with rim.
  2. Some contact lenses also have a laser label for the publicity or as a brand name. It is mostly on the edge of the lenses. Avoid using such kind of lenses.
  3. If your lenses are in form”U” with the top edges burnt out, that is not a comfortable shape. If it forms just a “U” shape with smooth edges then it is correct position of the contact lenses to wear.

Apply the contact lenses

  1. Fist of all make sure that your hands are properly washed before applying your contact lenses. Also avoid using oily hands and moisturizer before applying lenses.
  2. Some doctors suggest that always use one contact lens in same eye, so be aware while using contact lens and avoid the possibility of mixing up lenses for the right and left eye.
  3. Apply it gently on your eye, do not pull them strictly.
  4. Place the contact lens on the tip of you middle finger, that should bewashed up and dried.
  5. With the finger and thumb of your other hand, pull up on your upper eyelid and down on your lower eyelid at the same time.
  6. Then place your lens on the eyeball of your eye and gently close your eye and move it in round shape then blink it for checking.
  7. Look closely in the mirror to make sure the lens is on the right place or in centered on your eye. If your lens is comfortable and vision is clear then you have applied lens correctly.

How to remove the lens

Always wash your hand before applying and removing the lens and dry them with clean towel or tissue.

  1. To remove soft contact lenses, always look up side or left or right side while you are going to remove contact lens.
  2. Very gently pinch the lens together with you index finger and thumb.Then remove it gently. (Always keep your nails short to avoid accidentally damage to your eye ball.) Blink your eye once or twice after removing the eye lens.
  3. There is device available for removing eye lenses, called “Plunger”. It is available from your eye doctor. It is used to touch and remove the eye lens. But be aware it does not touch your eye surface.
  4. Then dip them separately in their cover in drops provided with contact lenses.

Guidelines for Perfect Fashion Eye-glasses

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There are a lot of choices for fashion eye-glasses that it has become tough to choose perfect glasses for us. Lenses of all glasses are almost same but some people like colorful lenses of eye-glass for being a part of fashion. But here we will discuss about just frames of eyeglasses.

1. Material

Material of the frame is main thing that should be very fine and excellent. Titanium and aluminum frames are the best choices than the plastic ones.

2. Color

The second tip is to choose the perfect color of the frame. It should be according to your face complexion. If you have whitish or yellowish complexion then your skin tone is cool, if your skin color is brown or dark then your skin tone is warm. For the cool skin color choose bright silver or golden brown, blue, green or any bright frame. ??

3. Face Shape

Third tip is to determine your face shape.

  • Round: If your face shape is round or square then choose narrow frames as well as avoid round shape frames because it will make your face seem even more round.
  • Oval: For the oval face shaped, choose wider frames.
  • Heart shaped face: If your face is heart-shape, choose a frame that is rimless. It will deform your face shape.
  • Square: For this face shape prefer round shaped frames.

4. Take advice from an honest friend

If you think that you are unable to choose perfect glasses for yourself, grab your honest friend’s advice. Make them sit with you during the whole process of buying fashion eyeglasses. You will definitely get the honest opinion for the best eye-glasses. They will openly and honestly tell you that you are looking a nerd or you are looking handsome with modern and stylish eye-glasses, which kind of style is suitable for you or which one is not. Everyone wants to get something special to have unique and different look. For instance, someone chooses black over golden, someone likes silver on black and some people like flat surface, white, black colored frame. Even some people like to wear crystal frames.

5. Avoid too bold frames

Always avoid using bold frames; they give boring and unhappy person’s look. If you have smart face look then avoid bold frames or eye-glasses. Moreover if you have healthy face then never use bold frame. It will make your face more wide than before. It can be worn on round face.

6. Fashion taste

If you wear casual jeans and a t-shirt, as well as business wear, choose dual-tones frames. You can wear them with causal dress and also with business dress. If you prefer the simple and trendy eye-glasses then try some simple frames in golden, silver or black metal frames that will not overpower your look.

7. Take your full time to select

Never decide eye-glasses in hurry because regardless of price, eyeglasses are a style of investment. For instance, you feel rushed to make decision when you come to buy eye-glasses, after a while you feel that is not suitable choice for your personality or your dressing or it is not according to your taste then you will get loss.

Shopping for eyeglasses should not be a mission. Take it as an excitement and purchase in happy mood to have a fashionable appearance.