Perfection By Foundation
Everybody wants to be perfect and complete in all aspects. Particularly when you are intended to attend a party and time is running short. Naturally you want to have a shinning face and Smokey eyes. I tell you a secret, which is an open secret now. You hear anything about foundation? No. Then I want to disclose that foundation gives you a flawless finish. It improves your complexion and illuminate...
Handbook for Fashionable Dress
Actually when you see a super model it sparkles in your heart and you wish to become as that model. What is her figure, what her diet is, how she dress and what she applied on her face to maintain her soft and supple skin, you know everything by her interviews. We complied here a handbook of fashionable dress by top class dress designers and super models for you. Figure out what is your body ty...
Summer Fashion
Summer is knocking on your door. All the woolen wearing is going in the wardrobe, light and comfortable wearing is coming out. To wear anything, you must consider that the fashion didn't last for ever, it changes rapidly. Whenever a new day begins a new fashion introduced. Everybody wants to keep himself up date and want to run with the stream. You acquire any fashion, but think over it that wh...
Fashion Jeans for Women
Tight jeans have become hot items among young girls and teenagers for the last many years. Especially jeans of low and even no waistband are very popular to wear by modal girls. Fashion of wearing jeans is liked by the young girls across the world and jeans have become best selling apparent product in fashion market. Fashion jeans are available in mostly blue and black color that looks very gorgeo...
Fashion Addict Kids
Like youngsters, fashion addiction is also accrued in kids equally. Grace Fashion accessory is a partnership company that was founded in 1996. The organization has slowly but surely taken strides that have catapulted from modest beginnings to a company with a strong foundation. It caters the specific requirements of international buyers. Its head-office is in New Delhi and factory is in the outski...

Styles In Perfection

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Strapless Bra:

Wearing fashionable halters or spaghettis is in vogue, but it’s so tacky to leave the straps showing! Make sure you own at least 3 strapless bras, preferably black, ivory and skin color. Some bras come with detachable straps and serve as dual-purpose underwear. Just like straps don’t look good when seen, neither do panty seams. Get hold of a pair of G-strings to go with those slim fit trousers.

Jeans in blue:

An all-time favorite essential! From faded blue to dark indigo, well-fitted jeans never go out of fashion. Threw anything on top of them, a T-shirt or tank top-jeans that seems to be great. You’ll never have a reason to throw them out… unless you put on too much weight!

Top Perfume:

What do Prince William, Barack Obama and Tom Hanks have in common? Annick Goutal’s fragrance – Eaud’Hadrien. A crisp, concentrated Eaude Perfume suitable for all seasons, it is a delicious blend of citrus, lemon, citron, cypress and grapefruit, which will evoke images of the bright Cote d’Azure sun.

Dressy watch:

An elegant, classy watch is one of your basic style stealers. A plain round dial with a white background and Roman numerals always looks elegant. Slim, sleek metal straps are very much in vogue nowadays. Check out the range at swatch for watches that are both versatile and trendy, and affordable for all.

Stepping out:

Ranging from the tightest pull on metallic stiletto, to the ubiquitous black/beige low pump, women’s shoes are infinitely varied today. On the one hand comfort is the key. But on the other, styles have veered back to feminine shoes adorned with shimmering flowers and sequins. One rule still rules, for feet to look fairer and prettier there’s no alternative to a good pedicure!

 Delightful jewelry:

All fashion divas need a colorful piece of jewelry to make a statement. Only one rule applies this season: the design should dazzle the eye, the color should be bright, and the louder and bolder the better! Exquisite knuckle duster silver rings with semiprecious colored gemstones will add just the ring pizzazz to your look!

Styles in bags:

Classic, simple and no-nonsense, a leather bag is an absolute requirement in a fashionable woman’s wardrobe.
Avoid decorations so that the bag can be teamed with both casuals and formals, and choose a size which will accommodate all the basics, from your compact to cell phone. For evenings though, dress it up.

Model Make Up for Photo Shot

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In this article, you will find some secrets and tips about model make up. Models have to struggle a lot with their skin. To be skilled in make up application is their job requirement. We surprise to see models and celebrities how they remain good and maintained all the time. With just simple tricks and tips you can also get star power for yourself and can find special personality for photo shot.

Model Make Up Tips and Tricks

Ladies already know how to apply make up for usual life but there is slight difference between model make up and casual make up items and their applications. It is not hard to learn a model make up to follow the below mentioned tips to have a better result for your model session.

Make Up Base Coat

Always apply heavy coat of make up base on your face. Its thickness can depend on evening or daytime photo shot. Try to create special contrast with special and good quality model coating. If it is essential, use stress powder with it. To have natural look in photo shot, use model make up powder in normal quantity. You may feel, you have applied heavy coating but do not try to faint it because studio light reduces the make up amount.

Use of Concealer and Moisturizer

After base application step, apply a good moisturizer on your face thoroughly. Then use concealer that should be at least 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. Especially use concealer around your eyes and lips to conceal discoloration.

Make up Foundation

In model make up for photo shot, use solid foundation and apply it equally on your face and neck. Apply it in simple make up foundation style. Do not miss any part and step because camera and studio lights will highlight the sudden change of color on neck and down neck. It is better to apply a thin layer of make up on just shoulders and upper part of chest. After apply make up foundation site in relax condition for some time.


After foundation application, apply model face powder. This powder will create difference between model photo shot and ordinary photo shot. Use light shade of powder under your eyes to eliminate the dark circles.

Eye Make Up

Then apply eye make up according to your dress color. If your dress is in dark color then you can also make smoky eyes.


At the end of make up, apply lipstick with brush and lip liner.

Mehndi in Asian Customs

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Applying Hina on hands, feet and arms is an art. Mehndi is an Asian art and custom from ancient age. Mughal introduced this art during 12th century AD. During that era, rich and royal people used hina to decorate themselves. In past, there was no special designing and art of applying hina. Ladies paste it on hands and feet in round shape, moon form. To make it stylish apply small dots around it in middle of hand. This same design was applied on fingers, back hands and feet.

In Asia, special occasions are incomplete without mehndi. Mehndi plays significant role to make all festivals and ceremonies meaningful, enjoyable and more special. There are a lot of changes in traditional mehndi and modern mehndi style. Modern mehndi styles and designs are coming up with glamour and fun in it. Mehdni is being used as ornamented tool on wedding. In Asian culture, marriage ceremony’s first night is dedicated to mehndi and it is called Mehndi Night.

Modern hina is coming up with lot of colors and with glitter that make it prominent. These colors and glitters are also used to make hina matching with bridle dress. When hina get dried, it needs to be washed away. It leaves color on skin. In Asian culture this color signifies the love of bridle’s mother-in-law or husband. It is also a custom to write name of groom on bride’s hand with hina at Mehndi Night. It is considered that if it leaves dark color on hands then it indicates that couple will remain contented in whole life with love. It is also a tradition in Asia that after marriage brides do not work till hina color fades away completely.

It is important on occasions, festival, fasts, and other regional occasions. To make it different and stylish, different names, trends and design styles are adopted. To make hina a predictable trend, way of excitement and fun, there are diverse styles of applications. Even people adopt it as a profession. Now hina is found in Arabic style, Indian style, Classic style, Rajisthani style and many more. Tattoo is also a modern style of making different designs and objects that has been invented by taking influence from mehndi. Hina designs consist of different shape flowers, symbols, pattern, religious symbols etc.

In west, people like to paint their body that is also a substitute of hina. There are different styles to make hina different and unique. These styles are:

  1. Middle East hina style
  2. North African hina style
  3. Indian and Pakistani hina style
  4. Indonesian and south Asian hina style.

Kundan Work in Fashion

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Just a few years back people had no concept about kundan. Ladies used just golden, silver and other colorful stones in dresses and other decoration accessories made of fabric.. But now this trend has converted in kundan style. People like to see kundan work on different items. This trend is commonly popular in Asia. This kundan work is applied in diverse style on different items. Have a look on below mentioned trends of kundan in which it is popular.

  1. Kundan in Personal Decoration
  2. Kundan in Public Decoration

1. Kundan in Personal Decoration

Kundan work is a multicolor work. Different colorful beads in diverse shapes are used in this work. You can see kundan work on ladies dresses, jewelry and footwear and other personal items.

Kundan on Outfits: Asian ladies like to wear fancy dresses on special occurrences. Their dresses are decorated with multicolor beads that are made of plastic as well as crystal and wood. Special occasion dresses are prepared with crystal kundan work while casual outfits are ornamented with plastic beads. You can also make it at home easily just with the help of needle and thread. You can do work on blouse, shoulder, neck, and on daman if you want to make your dress in latest and in modern style. It is also trend to have kundan embroidery work on duppata. These special dresses consist of bridal lehnga, choli, sari, frock, pashwaz and some other regional dresses. This work is also being applied on men’s sherwani and a slight touch on kullah.

Kundan on Jewelary: Kundan is also being used in jewelry. Not only in gold and silver but also in artificial jewelry to make it special and antiques style. Asian ladies who are fond of matching style, they fix matching kundan stone on their gold jewelry such as necklace, earrings, rings, nose pin and other items. If you have double shade dress, fix a bold kundan bead in center of necklace matching with prominent color of your dress and in other part of item. It is better to fix small crystal kundan stones in jewelry set.

Hairstyles and Mehndi: Manufacturers are using kundan style in different ways. Multi shaded beads and crystal stones are being used in hair pins, clips, catchers, artificial joora and in different hairstyle such as French tail. Now ladies like to paste small kundan beads and stone in mehndi design to make it fabulous.

Kundan in Footwear: Ladies shoes are ornamented with kundan work. Different style and color beads are pasted on steps of shoes. Heel of ladies shoes also look so nice with transparent and colorful kundan beads like stars on sky.

Asian Bridal Dress

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Choosing a bridal dress is a trickiest decision. A lot of gown style dresses are worn by the Asian bridals. Some Asian bridals prefer to wear saris and lenhgas on their wedding. Bridal dresses are commonly changed with typical styles and ideas. It is better to take bird eye view of your previous function dresses to have an idea about dressing. In dress selection some items are especially countable like color, style, embroidery and wearer’s personality. Personality means suitable dress according to the figure size and shape. There are some dresses that suit only in special size, style and height.


Sharp color: First of all select sharp color for bridal dress because bridal should be most prominent personality in function as well as keep in mind your skin tone. Commonly red is favorite color of Asian bridals. In the same way maroon, magenta and shocking pink color are also considered ideal for the perfect bridal dress on first day of marriage.

Light color: Now it has become trend that women like to wear light color on reception day (Second day of marriage). Light purple color, off-white, golden, sky blue contrast with pink and peach color contrast with pink looks so nice.

Style According to the Personality

Personality is second important thing that is essential in dress selection. It should be according to your figure and height. If you are slim, smart and well heighted then there is no major issue of dress suitability. You can wear bridal dress in any style but for instance you are a petite woman then choose lenhga with short choli, it should be embroidered with vertical prints to have a well heighted impression. Square or U-shaped necklines can convert your small height into taller appearance. If you are plus size figure then avoid wearing langa choli. In this dress you will look healthier. If you want to look taller then you are advised to set duppata in such a style that it falls from the head to knee. In this style small frames looks taller. Some Indian women like to wear sari on their marriage. It is also a cultural dress in some of the Asian countries. There are more different style bridal dresses that are worn in different regions according to the cultural values and style. But now in some Asian places, girls like to wear sari to adopt trendy and modern look. Brides also like to wear pashwaz with choori pajama. That looks so cute at slim and tall appearance.


Embroidery with kundan in combination with other fancy material is in hot trends these days. Women love to wear kundan work with slight combination of crystal work. Kundan is multiple work. It is fixed on stuff in different colors and shades.

Hair Removing Methods

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Nobody likes un-necessary hair on body whether they are on face, arm, leg or any other part of the body. Equally ladies and gents assume different ways to remove unwanted hairs. Most common methods for hair removing are:


Plucking is also a form of threading because in this procedure thread is used for pluck hair from ones skin while she is male or female. For this purpose thread is used in two styles. If you do know how to use a thread then utilize tweezers for plucking. However plucking with thread gives too much clean effect than tweezers. Females use diverse ways for plucking on different part of body.

  • Eye brow plucking: For eye brow plucking you can use tweezers or waxing as well as thread.
  • Face plucking: For face plucking you can not do it yourself expect of upper lips. Because for face threading, it needs to make the skin tight.
  • Arm and under arms plucking: As compare to face, there are a lot of hairs on arms. If you try to do it with thread then it will take a great time as well as painful procedure. It is better to use threaded machine for this purpose.
  • Legs plucking: Leg hairs are more thick and hard than the other part’s hair. That why use waxing or threading for leg plucking.


Normally two types of waxing are used for hair removal. One is hot wax and cool wax. Waxing is an effective method of removing large amount hair at one time. Before using waxing, let it warm in hot water. Then after a bit time spread it over the skin in the direction of hair. Then paste a thick fabric piece on the desired part and pull in the opposite direction of hair quickly. Repeat same method on each part from where you want to remove hair. Keep in mind that your wax should be hot normally otherwise it may burn your skin. If your do not want to apply on skin then apply some wax on the stuff piece that you are using for waxing and paste it on the skin.


Now a number of cosmetics are available in market for hair removing. These cosmetics and creams provide you neat and clean skin without pain. But their result remains maximum one week. Then after one week you have to use them again. Be careful while using hair removing creams as it may cause allergy on your skin if you have sensitive skin. Apply it for sufficient time period otherwise it may burn your skin. It is better to use these cosmetics creams for most sensitive parts of the body.


Bleaching method does not remove your unwanted skin hair but hides them by dying them. After bleaching procedure your skin looks fresh and clean.

Decoration Ideas for Kid’s Bed Room/Nursery

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Kid’s decoration is an art while it is about personal decoration or about kid’s related things like nurseries, bedrooms, playrooms for the children. Their room’s furniture and other designing collection should be extra ordinary. There should be some spare place where they can rest, learn, imagine, create something. Give them a variety of colors, unique articles and toys to make them important. Also add some trendy unique things of your children choice in their room accessories.

Wall Derogation

Decorate your baby’s bed room wall with different style and colorful rugs, wall paintings, adorable growth chart and personalized clock. Also choose some charming picture frames, whimsical wooden letters. In picture frames hang some pictures according to the age period of your child. Now it has become trend of paint walls instead of decoration articles. Parents can draw specific characters and cartoons on the wall as well as scene and images like stars and moon on black background, zoo image with different animals with their name, learning colorful cubes etc. Now washable colors are also available in market. Carpenter colors is a variety of colors that can be removed, these are in pencil form. Anyone can draw easily on walls with these colors.

Kids’ Rooms and Nursery Furniture

Baby room furniture should be in different styles. Select bright and multi colors furniture to make the room or nursery colorful, such as in Stanley young America’s style. These Stanley Young America’s furniture collection are available for girls in unique style, like Isabella, Caroline, Ma Marie as well as special design that are built to grow.

For baby boys, young America collection include Harbor town, serenity, Gen America and Surfer’s Chase. You can also create your own style of bed in different forms like bed’s head is of animal shape; table is like birds form etc.


Kid‘s rooms and nurseries should also covered with curtains. They should be matching with the room’s wall, door and windows paint color. It can be in good contrast.

Decoration accessories

Babies rooms can be decorated with many goods, like decoration pieces, cushions etc. Their play cushions can be placed in different shapes and colors like frog shape, duck shape, bear shape but it is necessary that a frog’s color should be green. Animals cannot be in dissimilar color. There cushions can be make in cartoon style that should be placed in their wardrobe. Wardrobe can be in show case style that will enhance room’s beauty. Card can also be used for the kids’ room decoration. Large size teddy bear and barby dolls also can place in different ways. Like at the corner of beds’ header, or at the corner of kids play/bed room. Corner stand should also be in kid’s favorite things shape.

Nail Art in Fashion

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Art is not a limited knowledge. It has worked in all fields of life. We can see art in all kind of article decoration. In home decoration, it may be in form of wall-hangers, painting, decoration pieces etc. In personal decoration it is in form of dressing, footwear, accessories and now it has become a trend of nail art. Ladies like to decorate their hands and feet nail with different things and color to become prominent and fashionable. These nails are also available in market as artificial decorated nails. This is temporary fashion but some ladies like to be a part of this fashion permanently. In French manicure, nail art is a part of manicure. It is an additional facility that is offered in beauty saloons. If you have no time for paint nails and also can not go in some beauty saloon for the nail decoration, then purchase some nail decoration stickers from the market. These stickers are available with flowers, simple base with dots, lining style and with tattoos style and in many more variety.

Round Pink Nail Tips

  • Apply pink base with silver glitter on full nail.
  • Then take red nail polish and smallest brush for drawing flowers.
  • You can add different color in flowers or fill flower’s petals with colored glitter. Also use green color for sapping of the flower.
  • It is very easy and famous French nail painting style. So you can make it with free hand without any guide.

Central/Natural Cut Nail

  • Wild rose in different colors are best.
  • In central nail, just apply transparent base and then paint red simple flower without glitter touch in round shape.
  • If you fill yellow color in flowers center, it will look brighter.

Wild Rose on Wild Nails

This size nail looks so nice and sufficient for painting. You have a great option to do on long size nails. Wild size nails can be easily pierced. Different techniques can be applied on that such as smiley and tattoos. Here are some styles of wild size nails designing art:

  • Tie Dye & Peace Sign Nail Art: These nails are painted with multi-colors, like bright red, green and blue with glitter touch. These are also decorated with pearls and very small beads. There is no specific design in this style.
  • Burberry Purple Plaid Nail Art Decoration: These kinds of nails are decorated with light purple lining and silver waves outlines. Crystal stones are used for its fillings. All kind lining and cubes designs can be applied in this style.
  • Smiley Inspired Nails: For the happy occasion this style is best. Leave the base of this style is plane with simple color then draw a smiley face with contrast color. Beads can also be used in smiley face’s eyes.
  • Tiger Print Nails: In this nail designing art, give black, yellow and a bit touch of red color. Yellow and red are used as base and black is used for designing.
  • Fish Net Hosiery Nail Art: For this design silver, gray and black colors are used. Silver for base, black for blocking and gray for block’s filling.

Smokey Eye Make Up

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Smokey eye make up has become enough popular owing to its applications. It is very simple to apply on eyes. Women like to make smoke eyes on evening parties because of its special dark look. Their applications are very simple to create. Here are some tips for the guidance of making Smokey eyes. These tricks will lead you make your eyes stylish and provide them an overall sultry. To make them smoldering eyes of your feature, smoky eye makeup is best. It looks nice especially at night time.

Important Functions

For the smoke eyes, select two different colors and a highlighter to make them prominent. To apply a color on the specific area, highlight it with deep contour shade. Use contour shade only on the corner of eyelid.

To understand the method well for making the smoky eye make up, here are some points to keep in mind:

  1. First apply single shade on your full eye as a base color. Brown, grey or some other dark colors can also good choices. Dark plum and navy blue colors are also looked brave. Use matching eye liner with dark shades.
  2. Apply a thin layer of foundation across your lids. Then keep dim the darkness of shades with face powder. You can also use some shiners to have a fancy look.
  3. With an eye pencil draw a line around your eyes. If you want to give your eyes frisky look then draw also a line on inner rims and blend it with cotton or sponge.
  4. Start sweeping with a layer of shad close to the eyelashes. For this purpose use eyeshade brush.
  5. Then apply very thin and light layer of eye shadow and blend it upward. Then apply dark shad upper side of lashes to upward. Then blend it again with cotton swab.
  6. Apply mascara on eyelashes in downward, in first trial and second coat apply on lashes in upward. During application, move your mascara stick in round and upper position. It will give your eyelashes turning and nice shape.

Although these applications will create Smokey eye look, however here are some additional techniques to make them more gorgeous. After basic application, make more additions:

  • To have the solid base use liquid shades at the top lashes.
  • After applying the liquid shade on eyes, use a smudger shade brush to smoke it out.
  • Just once dip brush into the contour shadow and dab over the liquid line.
  • Do not use contour shadow extremely on the eyelids, it will give your eyes more deep look and your eyes will look week.
  • If you don’t want to apply eye liner then draw a dark line of your preferred dark color instead of instant smoky eyes.

Fashion Addict Kids

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Like youngsters, fashion addiction is also accrued in kids equally. Grace Fashion accessory is a partnership company that was founded in 1996. The organization has slowly but surely taken strides that have catapulted from modest beginnings to a company with a strong foundation. It caters the specific requirements of international buyers. Its head-office is in New Delhi and factory is in the outskirts of U.P. Grace has been able to bring all aspects that are needed toward competitive production of beads jewelry, gold, plated jewelry and other fashion decorated accessories.

Infants Age Fashion

Actually in this age children have no awareness for the fashion but they have liking and disliking. They show there liking in form of colors and style. They love to do their favorite activities and personality extremely and in this way they want to be a part of fashion. They feel happy and make other people smile. Through the different styles of fashion they express their passion for fashion. Tiny kid’s shoes make smiles to everyone, in the same way they are preferred for their comfort. Their costumes with different tags and tattoos also give them a moment of pleasure. It will look so humorous if a youngster wears a cartoonist in plaid dress but if a baby wears that same style, it looks cutest. That is also appreciated size for them. Whenever they go outside on a mall with matching outfits like cat shaped shoes and Pokémon style hat and matching rocking glasses, they imagine themselves a different and special person, this is also a part of fashion era. That’s the main reason of kids fashion addiction.

School going Kids preferences

In this age kids can be fully involved in fashion. They like to wear clothes and shoes according to the new fashion and style. They look fed up of old things and refuse to use them. With the change of trend, they like to change all their used things like bags, caps, clothes, shoes etc. They want to look different from the other. For this purpose they adopt every new and unique fashion. They even don’t bother whether it is suitable or not. They use different style in dressing, shoes shoulder bag, accessories, cell phone and other decorative and fashion accessories. Even they seek fashion in other useful things that are used in routine life. Like new model computer, new trendy bicycle/bike etc. They use different style pencils or pen for writing, wallet to keep thing should be new and unique as well as cell pouch. Even they cut their hair in new fashioned style, like in tom cruse style etc. They also like to dye them in unique color but sometimes thiscrazy fashion of hairstyle damages their hair. Still they don’t bother.

To be a part of fashion addiction of kids, media really helps out the fashioner. It is a great representation of fashion. Media represents kids wear and other fashion things through different shows like cartoon, dramas and shows. When they see their favorite character on TV in specific style they wish to be like that. So they adopt their style on different events as a fashion.

Fashioner kids don’t like to wear out-fashion paint, shirt, skirt with ordinary simple buttons in dim colors. They always like to wear loose dresses decorated with tweety, cats, teddy bear, sports tags etc. Boys like to wear different cuts in shirt with a lot of pockets and girls like to wear frocks with lagan and socks, skirts and shorts. When children go in a kids wear center, they prefer the bright and different style wearers like clothes, shoes, caps, uppers, ballets, toys etc.

Fashion is basically related to those things that fascinate kids to make them feel happy. Moreover, Fashion that develops their personality is really good to do.